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Mistis' Adventures Part 85

William held Sharon's hand to help her to her feet. She went as straight into his waiting arms as she could move, telling him "I want it as much as YOU do. Maybe even more, my Darling. We have to be careful for the baby's sake, though. You haven't had me like a spoon, recently. Maybe we could do it like that. I want to feel you holding me, kissing me, and loving me more, now, than ever before. Fill me with your life, and make me yours, forever."

They went up the stairs silently, holding each other as if each thought the other would run away. They found the first empty bedroom, and, for the VERY first time, closed the door. This time was their own. They wanted complete privacy for this, to them, event. They helped each other to take off their clothes, and go into the bathroom. William opened the door and started the shower, adjusting the temperature until it was just right. Sharon had to tinkle. She had drank coffee and tea like there was no tomorrow, because, in her mind, there possibly might NOT be, for her. The others held THAT in THEIR hands. It was also the first time in a long time that she had smoked a cigarette. She had actually smoked 3. The first 2 were in complete privacy. She had also considered taking a drink or two of some whisky that she knew Billy kept in the cupboard. The only thing that had hindered her was that she wanted to have all her wits about her, for what was to come. She had felt Cathy's hand on her shoulder as she was putting the last cigarette out. Sweet little sister was shaking her head. Who needed Jiminy Cricket? SHE had CATHY! SHE WAS MUCH BETTER!!!

She flushed the toilet, and again, William gave her his hand. He pulled her to her feet, and held the door for her to go into the shower, putting the cap on her, so she wouldn't wet her hair. She smiled her thanks to him, and spoke her first words since they came upstairs. "Please, My Love. Shave YOUR pussy for me. I want it to be as smooth and soft as its ever been, for you to enjoy. I want this to be the best it can be for you." He agreed and stepped out to get the razor she kept for the nights they stayed with Belly and Cathy.

They scrubbed and rinsed each other as if they were strangers getting familiar with each other for the first time. William had washed her tummy 4 separate times, each time kissing it, and promising his son the best home, the best parents, the best family, and, above, all the best LIFE, he could be provided with. He had vowed to teach George all that he knew about finances, and real estate that he knew. Both of the Grandfathers, and all of his Uncles would teach him about farming and ranching, Dave would teach him about building things to last the best, and Mommy and his Aunts could teach him about life, and good manners. His Grandmothers would teach him the most important thing of all. How to be a fine, polite, and worthy MAN. They would all teach him about things like common sense, truth, and honesty. They ALL believed that a man's word was his bond. It was the final estimation of a REAL man.

He had been scrubbing Sharon's legs, and had paused long enough to make her notice. "HONEY! Is anything wrong? He looked up at her, smiling. "NO, Sweetheart. I was just thinking. Soon we will have a new man in the house. I was just wondering what it will feel like to see him learning the different things, and which of us can teach him best in certain parts. This is what I missed as a c***d. My Father doing things with me. I loved Grandad and Grammy, don't get me wrong, but, I still missed my Mom and Dad. I always wondered what life would have been like with THEM in it."
Sharon pulled him up and kissed him. "Don't look, now, Sweetie, but, I think I kinda like what I've got right in front of me. They're all up in Heaven, watching their love and work go through life, and whispering in your ear when you dream. They're always with you."

He shut off the water and dried both of them with a towel, as he did most times. They went in and he turned down the bed for them, assisting her to lay down. He went over to switch off the lights, but Sharon stopped him. "NO, Sweetheart. I want to see everything we do, tonight. I want to enjoy this as much as we ever have, or will. I want tonight to be special. Make believe that I am a virgin, and that you are my first man. For me, it WILL be my first time. Tonight I have been reborn. Everything is brand new, and wonderful. Come to me, my knight in shining armor. Take me as your prize, for rescuing me from the evil ogre. I hereby bestow upon you, ALL my worldly favors. Take me as you will."

He was feeling almost as romantic as she was. He went over and, laying next her, took her in his arms, kissing her and holding her. Feeling the bump of their son kicking from the inside, as if to say, "Get away!! THIS is MY home." They both laughed as he kicked several times. Suddenly, Sharon stopped laughing. "HONEY!!! HE'S not JUST KICKING!!! I THINK HE WANT TO COME OUT.!!! Dr. Immelmann said he might be incorrect with his calculation. I might be further along than he thought. I think it might be time!"

William jumped up and ran to the door, throwing it open. "MOM!!" he shouted. "COME QUICK!!! I THINK SHARON'S HAVING THE BABY.!!! There was a mad dash up the stairs. It was a toss up as to who was in the lead, though. Cathy and Liz both came through the door. Liz spread Sharon's legs to look at her. "SHE'S DILATED." Cathy had gone into the bedroom next door, her and Billy's bedroom, and retrieved her medical bag. She placed the stethoscope to Sharon's abdomen. "His heartbeat is rapid, and it sounds like he is turned into position." She pressed easily on the area just higher than Sharon's pussy. His head is in position to go into the birth canal.

"MY CAR IS NEAREST, WE CAN TAKE HER IN IT." shouted Mary. "Someone get some blankets and towels to cushion my baby, for HER baby. She threw her keys to Jerry. "YOU DRIVE! YOU'VE DONE IT BEFORE!!! Jerry, for the first time in ages, actually slid down the banister. Billy, Rick, and Dave grabbed blankets and towels from the linen closet and went down the stairs. Liz and Clara were holding her up, and David was pulling her a pair of sweatpants, and a housecoat on to wear to the hospital.. William had given his keys to Mike, and, he and Misti, with Sam and Ben, had gone to get the suitcase that they had packed for Sharon. They would bring it to the hospital for her. Dave was on one phone, calling the emergency number for Dr. Immelmann, and James was on another talking to the hospital. Dave was told that the Doc would be there in less than 30 minutes. Cathy had gone down, taking the phone from her Father-in-Law. She gave the nurse her Identification Number, and then gave her the vital signs she had taken, and the things she had observed. She hung up and looked out. The back of the car was at the gate, and the pads had been placed for Sharon to lay on. She and William would ride in the back with her, and Jerry, who had driven Emergency Vehicles, before, would be in the front. The others, she knew, would follow. Nurse Honey would be on duty tonight. Her REAL name was Honey. Glenda Ann Honey. R.N. She had also been the nurse that had helped deliver Sarah. Tonight, they would have 2 R.N.s on duty, instead of just one. This was going to be a great place to work. She had hit it off with all the nurses, aids, and orderlies. There was one other Doctor in, today. Dr. Fox.

Sharon came down the stairs. William and David were holding her arms, and Clara and Liz were right behind her, so they could help if necessary. Dave rushed over to hold the door for them. Sharon was helped out and placed in the back of the station wagon that Mary was so proud of. She was loaded in feet first, because the back had been lifted a bit, and they didn't want to have her feet higher than her head. Sharon screeched as another pain hit her. Someone, it sounded like Liz, said, "3 minutes on the nose. We better git movin'." Jerry, on a lark, had kept the strobe lights on the top. They were white and yellow, but, would serve to get the attention of police, or deputies, if they saw them. He didn't have a siren, but set the horn to play a Cavalry Charge, looped so it wouldn't stop. Everyone else loaded into the nearest car to them, to follow them to the hospital. Jerry knew the rules for emergency vehicles, and would follow them diligently. As he approached the cattle guard, he turned on his 4-way flashers to help gain attention. Dave had called a buddy at the Sheriff's office, to let them know their route, and destination, and was assured that a Deputy would meet them at the County Road to escort, and lead them in. The hospital would be ready for them, also.

The trip took less than 10 minutes, thanks to their escort from the Deputy Sheriff. Liz, Clara, and Cathy all vowed to do something to show their gratitude. The Deputy was SUCH a sweet, young man.

Doctor Immelmann and Nurse Honey were just inside the door when they arrived. Jerry had waited to turn off the horn until the last minute, so everyone had heard it, and were laughing about it. The Deputy had commented that he had expected to see John Wayne leading the charge. Everyone at the hospital had said it was a much better attention grabber than a siren, and more fun to listen to. Two orderlies took the gurney back to the delivery area, escorted by Doc, and Mrs. Honey. Cathy and William were offered gowns, but the others were directed to the Maternity Waiting Room. Cathy had brought her notebook, and was reading the stats and observations to Mrs. Honey. They agreed that this looked like the real thing. So many new Mothers had false labor pains, that it was sometimes hard to tell.

They moved Sharon to the delivery table, placing her feet in the stirrups, after taking her clothes and gowning her. A warmed sheet was place over her, and folded back. The rest was up to her, and GEORGE. HE had the FINAL say. An I.V. was placed in her arm, and a saline drip was started. She had a mild sedative added in a few more seconds Doc and Mrs Honey went in to don THEIR gowns and caps. Now came the hardest part. Unlike Carol, who had delivered Sarah within seconds of Carol's arrival, George was taking his own sweet time. Finally, though, he gave one more kick, and a sucker punch, and started out. The Doc and Mrs. Honey got into position. Doc holding the special c***d birth forceps, and Mrs. Honey holding a warm towel. George eased out slowly, as if he didn't want to leave his warm, familiar home, and mingle with all these strange people. He was soon out, and handed to Mrs. Honey, who wrapped him carefully, and sucked the phlegm from his mouth and nose, to receive his first cries. He was taken over to be measured, weighed, and his footprints taken. Sharon waited anxiously to hold her son for the first time. Mrs. Honey looked over at her, smiling. "He weighs 5 pounds and 13 ounces, and is 22 inches long." He's a little bigger than Sarah was. He'll make a good body guard for her." She turned, cradling him on her arm as Cathy had done Sarah that day. "Her ya go, Sweetie. Say HI to Mommy." She laid him on Sharon's stomach so he could bond with his Mother. "Hi, Sweetheart! I'm your Mommy, that guy standing there fighting not to cry is your Daddy, and the other lady is your Aunt Cathy. You'll see everyone else real soon. They ALL want to meet YOU. Aunt Glenda wants to give you your first bath, and clean you up, now. She'll take good care of you. Bye Bye, my son. I love you." Nurse Honey leaned to take the baby from Sharon, pausing long enough to kiss Sharon on the forehead. "This is why I've fallen in love with your whole family. You're ALL so sweet. I want to see his Grandparents, if they're outside. I absolutely love them." She started to turn with George, but was interrupted by William, who squeezed her shoulders, and kissed her on the cheek. "Thank You, Dear Lady. We feel the same about YOU." She touched his arm with her free hand. "Thank You, William. I appreciate that." She went through the door to do what was needed with the newest member of the family. Cathy hugged him. "Well, Daddy. Are you able to make the announcement, or do you want ME to. You look like you're fighting not to cry. Not that I blame ya." He kissed her on the cheek. "I'll try, but stand by me, just in case, Sweetie."

William gave Sharon one last kiss before she was carted out to be cleaned and shown to a room. Dr. Immelmann had told the orderly to take her to her nurses, and to her room. He would wait while the nurses cleaned her and gave her a new gown. They would tell him which room she would be in. Cathy and William walked arm in arm to the waiting room. The others rose as the door opened. "George has joined us. He is 22 inches of bouncing baby boy, and weighs a whopping 5 pounds and 13 ounces. He's got good lungs and a loud mouth, except when he's in Mama's arms. He never made a peep when he was with her. He looks like he's ready to go after mountain lions with a willow switch, too." All grabbed William, hugging, kissing, and patting him on the back. " By the way. Mrs. Honey gave me an order. She wants to see her favorite family when she finishes taking care of the k**. She sends her love, for now, and wants to give it in person when she sees ya, later. She's the same nurse that took care of Carol and Sarah when THEY were here. She says she can't wait to hug and kiss all of ya." Cathy told them, "It'll take about 10 or 15 more minutes to get Sharon to her room, and give her a chance to nurse George. So it'll be at least 45 minutes, to an hour to let ya in to see her. We can go by to see George through the window, bu it'll be about an hour before we can see Sharon. Two at a time, like it was with Carol. Glenda said she wants to see BOTH of YOU, too."

Cathy led the procession down the hall to the nursery. An LPN was just bringing him in. She held him up near the window, so all could see him. He was bundled up, with a knit cap on his head, but all could see his face easily. His eyes were open, and he looked like he was frowning. Clara felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned into a hug from THE nurse. Each of them took turns hugging and kissing Nurse Honey, and asking after her. She saved her best for the 4 Grandparents, kissing each of them warmly and holding them as if they were HER family. She was introduced to Rick, and first shook hands with him, then hugged and kissed him as well. "I fell in love with this crew when you were here for Sarah. She had commandeered the infant, and was holding her. "My, my. You're growing like a little weed, Sweetie. You're gonna be as big and beautiful as your Mommy, soon. How are YOU doin' Carol, Dear? You been okay?" Carol nodded. "Fit as a fiddle, and tryin' to take the bulls by the horns." The 2 women had talked at length while Carol was here. "Just don't take too many bulls by the horns. You might get gored by one. We don't want that to happen." Both understood the double meanings.

They talked a few minutes more, and Glenda had to go on her rounds, so they went to the cafeteria downstairs, each getting a cup of coffee. Cathy suggested that they all get the disposable cups, instead of the mugs. She didn't expect they would be there long. Sure enough, they had barely seated them selves, when a nurses aid came and told them that Sharon was in her room, and had already fed George. She also stated that Mrs. Honey had said to tell them that he had burped louder than Sarah. She said that she was told that the Grandfathers would want to know. They thanked her and went back up the stairs.

Dr. Immelmann was waiting to see them, too. He gave them instructions for Sharon to follow, closer, he hoped, than Carol had. He looked straight at Carol. "Yes, Dear. Someone told on you. I hope your complete recovery won't be hindered. I want to see you in my office on Wednesday. I want urine and blood specimens, so fast after midnight. I will see you at 10 that morning. Water or black coffee only that morning. I also want a sonogram from you, so wear something suitable. Betty, I have you scheduled to see me at the same time. I need you other ladies to make an appointment to see me at your first chance. I look forward to getting to know you all better. The other ladies are such a wonderful group. I'm very glad you chose me to be your Doctor. By the way, Sharon will be here today and tonight. She can go home Friday morning. I'll be in to see her at 8 and she will be released at 9. I'll be back to see her at around 5 this evening. Sooner if the need arises. Till then. Have a great day." He was kissed, hugged, and thanked by them all, especially William. He went down the stairs, even though the elevator was open.

They took turns going in to see Sharon, until all had visited with her, promising to be back that afternoon. She had heard the doc tell them that she was going home Friday morning, so there was no need to repeat that.

The drive home was short and sweet. Cathy, Billy, Rick, and Robbi went to their house, and the rest went to Dave and William's houses. They wanted to get up in the morning, it was only 11 O'clock, and get started on getting the house ready for Sharon. The Fathers would bring the few things they had at Cathy and Billy's here, and they would move their base of operations to William and Sharon's house. Robbi had her class at 10 o'clock the next morning, and Cathy had to be at work at 7. She would be there when they came to take Sharon and George home. She had already planned that, if nothing was happening that required her attention, she would take Sharon's wheelchair to the car. She would have a full day with her sister and nephew. There were 2 babies in the nursery, today, and they would both be discharged in the morning. She could cuddle with George to her hearts content. She just wished that it could soon be her requiring the services of Dr. Immelmann. It was her dream to become pregnant at the first chance. Any of the family would be superb Fathers for a c***d. She considered Michael and Jerry as part of the family, also. Ben had been fantastic as well. He had made her toes curl, and her legs shiver. He had given her as good as she could remember anyone giving her. She had hoped, that morning when Sarah was born, that she was pregnant, but it was a false alarm. She had started her period the day after. It had been 7 or 8 days late, for some unknown reason. She had been fucked almost every day, since, at least twice. Most of the men in her life had bred her several times in the interim. If she didn't get knocked up soon, she would have Dr. Immelmann give her a fertility test. She would, from what the others had told her, be fucked by him, if she went to his office. It was something to think about. Either way, it could be fun.

Robbi made the suggestion as they crossed the cattle guard. "I'm as hot as a 2 dollar pistol. Who's gonna fuck me. Maybe both of ya. You all ain't had no pussy, today, have ya?" Both guys looked at her. "Whatever you want, Sis. We can help. We can take turns fuckin' both of ya. I, for one, have been feelin the itch nearly all day. Mom just gave enough to us to make us want some real screwing. We both wanted to take care of her. And we did, too. She slept for almost 3 hours when we finished with 'er."

Robbi threw open the door, and yelled "Last one nekk** is a rotten egg!" They looked at the front porch. Someone was sitting there. It was Sue. "Schools out tomorrow, and Friday. I saw all the commotion a while ago, and called Daddy, and told him that I was gonna wait to see what was goin' on. He told me that if it was too late, I could, with your permission, stay the night. He trusts you to take care of me. By the way, Ricky. One of the critters was seen over on the other side of Goodrich's house. He was a young 'un. He ran off real fast. If ya got your computer set up, I got some CDs to show ya. I think you'll like 'em."

They invited her in, assuring her that she was most welcome. Ricky was the first to take her in his arms when they went inside. "I've been wanting to talk to you, since the other day. I got the wrong impression, and wanted to apologize to you. When you said something was eating you, I thought you meant eating your pussy. Billy told me about your interest in Bigfoot, and explained that THAT was what you were talking about. I'm sorry that I misunderstood you. Please forgive me. I hope we can still be friends. "She silently searched his face with her eyes, his head in her hands, and tiptoed up to kiss him. "Don't worry Sweetheart. Don't mean nuthin'. Friends don't give up on friends that easy. I tole ya. I gotta watch out for ya. I might get into somethin' I'm not ready for, if I don't watch out. I been thinkin' about ya ever since the other day. I can't get sidetracked over a guy... EVEN YOU, till I get this other out o' my system. It took holt o' me like a mad badger. It''s drivin' me batty. I gotta see one with my own 2 eyes, before I can let it rest. Maybe even THEN! I been teased about it at school, but, nuthin' changes a thing. I go out at night, sometimes. I wear camo clothes, and drench myself in scent killer, even put skunk scent on my boots. Daddy lets me carry his flashlight, and his shotgun full o' slugs, an', so far, I ain't seen nuthin'. Heard somethin' a time or two, and smelled somethin' once, but, that ain't seein'.

Cathy came in and offered her some ice tea. She, like the rest of them, doted on the cool drink. Cathy asked. "What kind of CDs were you talking about, before?" Sue replied, "Two of 'em were took by a guy over the way, of somethin' he saw the other day. He said it's a critter, but it didn't show up as good as he thought on his camera. The other one is some pictures of a party last week. It was one o' my friend's birthday. She was 18. She had a puttin' out party. I thought ya might like to see how we celebrate around here. It got funny. Her Daddy don't know she's not a virgin. He's a preacher." Somehow, this failed to shock, OR surprise any of them. Rick elbowed Billy in the ribs. "Remember that gal at the rodeo a few years ago. It turned out HER Father was a minister, too. Robbi and Cathy exchanged puzzled looks. "Which one was that?" Cathy asked. She had gone to all the rodeos with Billy, and before he left, Rick, and Robbi. "She was the red head girl with all the freckles." Billy answered. "The one who wanted to have her picture took with her on Teddy Bear, the wild bull that they claimed had never been rode." "She," Rick continued, "tried to talk the owner into letting us take her picture on Teddy Bear. When the owner wouldn't let her, she offered to take the picture naked, and give HIM all the pussy he could handle. He STILL told her "NO WAY!" She threatened to call the police, and swear that he tried to get nasty with her, BUT, his wife stepped out from behind a tent, and told her "DO TELL!" She would've made two or three of the girl in looks ALONE. That had to be one of the nicest women I ever saw. Almost all the girls around looked like an ugly k** brother, standing next to her. She was a FOX! A REAL babe."

Robbi and Cathy both gave him dirty looks. Robbi glared at him. "I'm sure glad you said "almost." YOU would have had a lot of cold, lonely nights, ahead." Sue was enjoying watching and listening to their exchange. It was almost the same with HER brothers and sisters. Billy continued the story. "She was pissed off, but, gave it up, and left. Rick and me followed to see what she did, next. She went over behind those trees at the north end of the arena, where the crick runs by, and sat there sulking. She kept asking "Why won't he let me take a picture with his old bull? Rick told her that THAT BULL was one of the meanest bulls to be found, anywhere. He was the one that got Joe, the next year. The next thing we knew, she stood up and stripped off her clothes right there. She had bought a se**** from one of the vendors, and she laid it on the ground, and told us she wanted both of us to fuck her, and cum INSIDE her pussy, RIGHT THERE!!!. We both told her she better go someplace more private, or she would draw a crowd. All she said was "GOOD!!!" The more the better. Anyway, we both fucked her like she wanted, and another guy showed up, and WATCHED us fuck her. When we finished, she had us both cum in her twice, she told him to "drop his pants and start fuckin'." She let HIM cum in her two times, too. We started to leave, and 4 more guys were standin' there, watchin' er. She told 'em all she wanted them to nail her, too. We left, but later, one of 'em tole us she got 18 guys, and tole them all to give 'er 2 loads, apiece. I asked who she was. The guy said she was a ministers daughter. He had just moved to town, and she, he was told, had a reputation back where they came from, for being the easiest lay, ANYWHERE. His cousin knew her, like they say in the Bible, and said all you had to do was look at her too long, or just kiss her, and she was nekk** and had her legs open. She got expelled from school, twice, for gettin' caught fuckin on the school grounds."

Rick, receiving appreciative looks from Cathy and Robbi, asked Sue if they could see the CDs she had brought. Sue brightened up. "SURE!!!" She took 3 holders from her purse. "Where's your computer?" They trouped up the stairs and went into the bedroom that Cathy was converting into an office. Sue sat down at the desk, and inserted the first CD. She keyed up the CD player, and it flickered for a second, and showed a line of brush and scrub trees, that looked like salt cedar. There were taller trees behind them. The bushes parted, and a face could be seen. It looked like a guy with a beard, and a very hairy arm. A few seconds later, it disappeared. Then it rose above the bushes. It stood there for about 5-10 seconds and disappeared, again. An excited voice said, "That's the third time he's shown himself. Those bushes are 7 feet tall. I'm about 40 yards away, and behind some cat tails. I think he smelled the bacon I'm cooking here, and is trying to find it. I'm gonna try and see if I can get closer. The bacon is still cooking." That was the end of the first CD. It popped out, and quickly replaced by the other CD. It, too flickered for a second.

The voice, mumbled something they couldn't understand, as if he were talking to himself. Then a noise broke the silence. It sounded like a siren blasting, followed by two shrill long whistles, like someone trying to get the attention of a partner. The voice broke in. It sounded like the first voice, again. "I'm only about 15 yards away, now. I've got a 500 Smith and Wesson beside me, fully loaded, in case it's needed. I figure it to be about 8 feet tall. The head and one arm, the left one, is all I've seen, so far. My vehicle is about 50 feet away, and over the hill behind me. I have a remote start in my hand to make a run for it if it comes to that. THAT BABY is HUGE!!! I watched him move through the brush, and I figure him to be 3 to 4 feet wide. If I can, I want to check for any snagged hairs in the brush." The CD played a bit more, but showed nothing except the trees and brush. It, too popped out. Rick intoned, "He got SOMETHIN'. I don't know what it was, but it was SOMETHIN'." They all sat silently, mulling what was shown. Finally Sue asked if they wanted to see the last CD she had. They all told her "YES!!!"

They watched the last CD. It was mostly one girl, even though there were others, on a pallet, on the ground. She was completely naked, and as one boy got off of her, another would take his place, with close in shots of a girl's pussy with cum pouring out of her, and giving a number,presumably of how many had fucked her, and cum in her. You could easily see other couples beyond them, also having sex. It looked to be in excess of a dozen couples. They had a good laugh. Robbi looked at it, and commented, "I hope she's on the pill. If she's not, she's gonna get knocked up, for sure." The last number they heard was 37.

Cathy asked the others, "Is anybody else tired of watching other people have fun?" Sue asked, How is this gonna work? There's 2 guys, and 3 girls." Robbi winked at her. "Be patient, Doll. Let us show ya'. We done this, BEFORE!"
Cathy explained, "The guys, play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The one who wins is first choice, the other gets one of the other 2. Then we play Odd Girl Out. We go on the third try. Hold out either 1 or 2 fingers. First one to be the odd girl, teams up with the winner of the boys. Then the 2 other girls play the boys game, and the winner gets the other boy. While they are doing whatever, the last girl goes to the other end of one of the boys, and takes care of them the best way she can. If the girl is sucking his dick, or fuckin hin, you sit on his face, if he's eatin' 'er pussy you can do what YOU want with his dick. If you chose, you can, if it's not busy, eat a girl's pussy. Like if she's suckin' his dick, you can eat HER pussy When we get tired, we go an find a bed, and go to sleep. There's douche under every sink, and towels in the linen closet in the hall, if you want a shower. Don't be surprised if I crash first. I gotta be at the hospital at 7 in the morning. and work a 12 hour shift. I'm off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Excuse me for a second. Mother Nature is calling me."

A second or two later, they heard Cathy's voice yell, "DAMN!!!" They all ran to see what the problem was. She asked Robbi to hand her a box of tampons. "My damn period just started. I'm bleedin' like a stuck pig. Nobody gets to diddle my twat for a couple of days. Hand me a bottle of douche. I need to wash it out before I cram a tampon up my cunt. DAMN IT!!!" Robbi couldn't help snickering. Cathy looked up at her with a scowl. "Laugh if you want, but, Taint funny, McGee! I wanted to get laid, too. Lucky I took a shower before we ate supper. At least I don't have to be dirty, tonight. I guess I'll go to bed, now. You two can fuck the boys 'till you're all cross eyed. Have fun! I CAN'T.

Out of consideration for her, they all kissed her, the boys fondling her boobs, and went down stairs, leaving her alone to do what she must. Cathy had decide to return naked, to get things started, but...

Once downstairs, they all stripped naked. Sue was first. All she had on were a pair of shorts, and a tank top. Robbi was only wearing a pair of shorts, but also had panties and a bra. The boys both were wearing jeans and underwear, and shirts and Ts under them. The two girls started fingering and kissing each other to provide incentive to the boys.

Robbi made a grab for Billy as soon as he was naked, leaving Rick to Sue's tender mercies. Robbi's rude probing finger had made Sue wet, and ready for fun. Knowing how sound carried in these old houses, Billy suggested they go to his office for their fun and games. He told them just to grab their shoes, but he had something for them to wrap up in if it got cold, tonight.

This was the first Sue had seen of his office. It had been finished the day he helped deliver the foals. They had bought, and installed, everything, the next day. He had 2 futons, an easy chair, and a recliner, a desk and a couple of straight kitchen type chairs, with a locker full of large moving blankets, that could be used for bedding, or to cover an a****l. There was also a fridge, with a few snacks, some beer, and some Cokes and Dr. Pepper inside. All perishable medicines were kept in drawers at the bottom of it. It was all neat and tidy. He HAD learned from his Mom. She was a fastidious housekeeper. Never a speck of dust or anything out of place in HER house. In the corner, away from the door to the barn, was a small bathroom with a deep sink and a toilet. Another sink held his tissue, some toilet paper, and a shaving kit, and soap. There was a towel dispenser on the wall. A mirror above the sink completed the items.

Sue and Robbi noted the futons, and dropped them to the bed position. Each of them plopped down on one and Sue told both to "Come and get it." Both girls took their partners to give them blow jobs to get things started. Both had their favorite lover, and were determined to make an impression on him. Both were mistresses of oral sex, and had received their first mouthfuls of goo, in a matter of a few short minutes, swallowing every drop. They had started each others "motors" running earlier, so both were sopping wet. Both, also, were aware of their partners love to GIVE oral to their partners, so they laid back to receive what they had given. The boys had positioned themselves to fully enjoy their partner's charms, and did as they did, most times, kissing them silly, and holding them close, feeling the warmth of their partner's naked body. They were both busy for a lengthy amount of time, bringing each of the girls to multiple orgasms, with them coming repeatedly, until they were out of breath. Sue had asked Rick if he would do her doggy-style to start, and open her up fully for him. That was JUST FINE with him. She turned and offered her sweet, soft, and round butt to him, for HIS and HER pleasure. He entered her slowly, allowing her to open up for him, until, at last, he was all the way inside of her.

Robbi had laid Billy on HIS back, and eased herself down until he was fully engulfed in her honey-pot, with the bright, red covering. She knew he enjoyed her going up and down on top of him, and watching her bright, red bush go up and down, between her legs. She had a special method of jumping him, that made her bush seem to appear, and disappear. It was the way she rolled her ass to release him that made it happen, and, after she discovered how much he enjoyed it, had repeated herself each time. The others thought she had dropped her crush on him, but, it wasn't so. It was STILL there. She satisfied herself by giving him all of her love, and pussy that he wanted, regardless. She didn't resent Cathy, any more, and had grown to love her as much as any of the others, but, she WOULD assist her in giving Billy all the pussy, he could ever want. AND giving it with all the love she possessed, and desired to give HIM. She wasn't possessive of him, but she had made herself his slave to all his wishes and desires. She was HIS to command, and use for anything he wanted. If he had been the type, he could have used her as Sharon's ex had used HER. Demeaning and abusing her without a thought to her needs. Billy was the sort that would willingly die for ANY of the ladies in his life. He unabashedly loved each and every single one of them.

Sue, after she had had several thundering climaxes, rolled forward, and turned to her back, signaling that she wanted Rick to fuck her missionary style. He was a bit relieved, He had been gritting his teeth to keep from filling her from the rear. He wanted to have those wonderful legs wrapped around his waist, squeezing him tight, and pulling him closer while he sucked those tiny, rock hard nipples, squeezed and kissed the sweet melons on her chest, and kissed her nectar tasting lips, while she asked for more. He wasn't in LOVE with her, but, she HAD become a VERY special part of his life. He could see her as the best friend he had EVER had, outside his own family. He hoped that she would find a TRUE LOVE, that wouldn't smother, or inhibit her, but would enhance and nurture her, to the fullest. She was smart, witty, and fun, in addition to loving caring, and curious to a fault. These were the qualities that made her so special to him.

He plunged into her, she squealing her delight, and began pumping mightily into her. She returned every thrust with dividends. Soon they were lost in their passion, not caring that there was another person in the world. He gave his last thrust, making her grunt with its force. "OH, YES, MY LOVE. OH, YES!!! GIVE IT ALL TO ME!!! I WANT EVERYTHING!!! FILL ME LIKE A BUCKET!!! I WANT YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING IN MY LIFE.!!! TELL ME AND I'LL DO IT!!! I JUST WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY. I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!

Her protestations of love slowly sunk onto his head. He wasn't sure if he had heard what he THOUGHT he heard. It made him ponder his OWN feelings. Wasn't that what his heart was saying to HIM. Almost the exact same things Then! What about Barbara? What did he feel for her. Did they REALLY love each other. She had been a steady girl to him in High School. He HAD missed her while he was away. They DID enjoy each others company. HE had better do some SERIOUS thinking. He would go to the sticks, as he called it. The bare essentials for a camping trip. ALONE. NO one to invade his thoughts He had found out about a place a little ways east of here that he could go to. It was several hundred thousand acres of land that was empty of people, yet full of game. No hunting seasons were open, so he wouldn't have to worry about THEM. A couple of weeks should do it. HE WOULD GO!!!

In spite of their coupling, Robbi had heard clearly, what Sue had said. She was proud of her ability to feel, and be aware of her surroundings, at the same time. She had heard her clearly, even though she was in the middle of a HUGE orgasm. She let herself ride the waves of passion to their climax, and she and Billy had enjoyed a WONDERFUL finish, with him filling her brimming full of his cum, and her biting him with her pussy, and squeezing him with her arms and legs. All the while, smothering him with the kisses he so enjoyed. He had sucked her nipples so hard they almost ached. It felt delicious. They would be standing straight out for at least a week. NO bras for her, for a while. Let the world see her beauties. Most liked to see a nice pair of knockers shaking over an equally mobile ass. It was warm enough to wear her minis, and short shorts. That with her tanks and T's would be fun. Give em ALLLL, especially BRUCE a look at how she was equipped. The older guy she saw at Walmart the other day had appreciated how she looked. She had been tempted to lean down and give him a kiss, and a GOOD look at her boobs. She was sorry she hadn't, but, MAYBE there would be another chance.
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