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Mali (West Africa)

The moment I go down the stairs of the plane, it feels like coming home. The warm sun, the smell, the atmosphere. It's my first time in Africa, but it feels like I'm returning to familiar ground. At the small airport of Bamako it is crowded, very crowded. Taxi drivers come to us as soon as we pass customs. One with an even better price than the other. My travel companion has been to Mali before, he worked here for a couple of years. He decides that we choose one at the taxi rank. We take the taxi that seems to be the least old and he discusses the price with the driver. I could have gone down on my knees right in away. The big man looks great. At least 6feet3. His open shirt shows his muscular body, his smile is open and inviting. While he puts the backpacks in the trunk, I crawl in the back. Alwin goes in the front. The ride takes half an hour. Regularly I see the driver, who presents himself as Arnoud, peeking into the rear-view mirror. Every time he smiles his perfect teeth. Our hotel is outside the centre. Simple and cheap. In the middle a large shady garden around the rooms. Arnoud wants more rides so he brings the luggage to our rooms.
I call out to Alwin i am gonna take a shower right away. While Arnoud walks behind me with my backpack. In the small room Arnoud puts my things on the double bed and waits. We haven't exchanged any money yet, so I don't have much to offer him. I tell him I'll make up for that tomorrow. That alluring smile again. It soon becomes clear to me that I can also give a tip in another way. He smiles and massages his crotch. What I wanted to do at the airport, I immediately put into practice. I kneel down and take over the massage from him. What I feel is promising. I open his jeans and take his cock out of his pants. Bingo. Arnoud's cock is at least nine inches hard black meat. Without hesitation I immediately take him deep in my mouth. Above me I hear satisfied growling. His cock has a nice bend down and without any effort he slides down my throat. Arnoud comes in his rhythm and without mercy he fucked me deeply. I hear praising remarks. My French is not that good, but I know that much. Although the feeling of the hard cock is overwhelming, I want more. While Arnoud keeps fucking my mouth, I loosen my pants and slide them down. He understands what I want, pulls back and helps me up. Quickly I take off my shoes and pants as he does. I lie on my back in bed. Show him my ass, he spits in his hand and smears the saliva on my anus. He puts a finger in it, but soon a second and a third one goes in. Then he crawls on his knees between my legs and pushes his purple-red glans against my opening. Without fuss he pushes his throbbing cock deep into me. I am so horny and open that the expected pain is not forthcoming. He fucks me deep and with long strokes. I feel his lips in my neck. He kisses me. I didn't expect that and take his head in my hands. I push my lips on his and open my mouth. Immediately I feel his tongue against mine. We kiss as if it were the last time. He fucks me even harder. I pull my ass off his cock and turn around and crawl on my knees. Immediately I feel his hard cock deep inside me. Again the long strokes. First quietly then mercilessly hard. I hear the panting breath in my neck. Again he accelerates and I feel his cock getting thicker. He comes with a cry and falls off me. On his back he is breathing fiercely. He is still leaking. I can't resist taking the shiny cock in my mouth. His whole body pulls together. He turns out to be very sensitive after he has ejaculated. How many times have I experienced that sensitivity with other men. When I look up I see the beautiful smile again. I read a soundless 'merci' from his lips.

The first thing I see when I leave my room the next morning is Arnoud. He is talking to another man. When he sees me, he comes right at me and gives me a hand. He is just holding it. The other man joins us. Arnoud introduces him; Henrique. French colonization has left its mark. I'm sure Arnoud has told him what happened yesterday. Henrique looks at me provocatively from top to bottom as he shakes hands with me. My cock grows in my pants. My travel companion Alwin is a long sleeper so I pull Henrique along through the still open door of my room. At the same time I gesture Arnoud with my head. When he closes the door behind him, Henrique has already lowered his trousers. What I see surpasses everything. His semi-rigid cock is bigger than Arnouds at least 10, however not as fat. When I kneel before him, he immediately presses his against my lips. I open my lips without hesitation. Arnoud stands next to him and opens his trousers, takes his cock out and starts jerking. Henrique's cock grows in my mouth. He gets hardened. I collect as much saliva as I can in my mouth, but I'm afraid I'm overconfident. Luckily his cock is not fat. He slides deeper into me. I feel him glide past my larynx. The invasion is overwhelming and I feel proud. I also hear admiration from Henrique. He whispers to Arnoud that he hasn't said anything too much. I stand up and take Arnoud's cock in my mouth. From the corner of my eye I see Henrique's cock. Arnoud's cock slips in easily. In the meantime, Henrique ges behind me. His hands explore my ass. Then I feel a warm wet tongue. He licks my anus. I also feel his fingers. He opens me up good. When he gets up, I know what's going to happen. Carefully he presses his cock against my hole. In my head I open up completely. Fear is a bad counselor. I know I can do it. That helps, I know from experience. Without effort his cock slides into me. A weak, pleasant pain in my lower abdomen, Henrique goes all the inside of me. With a deep growl he takes his cock all the way out of me and then pushes it back into me with firm force. He fucks me hard while I struggle to get the rhythm right with Arnoud fucking my mouth. I feel a slut, whore, salope et putain, but also deeply satisfied that I can counter the double invasion in a good way. Arnoud's rhythm weakens, I pull my head back a bit and feel his cum in my mouth. It is too much to swallow. More follows and it drips out of the corners of my mouth. With a finger Arnoud creates his own sperm and brings it to his mouth with his familiar smile. Meanwhile Henrique is accelerating. I feel that he too will come. With a loud cry he injects his warm seed deep inside me. I feel his beating cock. When I turn my head around, I see his sweaty forehead and chest. Drops are falling down. He has his eyes closed. When he opens them, he gives me a big wink. Henrique also laughs at his teeth. I realize that our journey hasn't started yet. I think in myself in my best French "je suis arrivé". And smile.

We already have breakfast when Alwin joins us. I tell Alwin that i asked Arnoud and Henrique to drive us to Fana, where Alwin worked, Segou and Mopti. He has to negotiate the price. I am not a businessman and I cannot resist them, I would give them everything they ask for. Alwin looks at me and then to both men. He looks at me with a grin, he is 100% straight, but he already knows that I have been a whore for the two men. He knows how I am. Tomorrow we will start our trip.
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2 months ago
beautiful story but repeated story
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