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I notice Steven on my first day when I come in the gym. A big muscular man in his early forties. Every time I see him, I greet him kindly. After two weeks I shyly make my first talk. Steven is by far the most handsome man in the gym. But now that I'm talking to him, he also turns out to be intelligent and witty. More and more often when I go to the gym, I hope he is there also. We talk to each other longer and longer. About work, politics, social issues, films, the weather, art, family. Steven talks extensively about his c***dhood in Nigeria and how he ended up in the Netherlands.
I regularly invite him to dinner at my place. He doesn't say no, but we don't come to an agreement. I give him my business card with my phone number and email address. He never uses it. My work is taking up more and more of my time. I go to the gym less and less often. When I am there, I never see Steven. On Sunday mornings I always go to the gym, however he doesn't. One Sunday morning, when I walk from the gym to my apartment, I think of Steven. I decide to send him a text message. I text 'I missed you again in the gym' and send the message. When I unlock my front door, my mobile phone beeps. I'm still in bed', I read in the display. I write back brutally 'wish i was there next to you, or even better you on top of me...'. I don't have to wait long for a reply. It's short: 'okay'. The message scares me and I'm not sure what to do. I write him back a message that I will be with him in half an hour. Quickly I take a shower and rinse myself thoroughly.

A bit excitedly nervous I drive into his street. Steven once told me where he lives, but without precise. I send him another message and ask for the number. Within a few seconds I get an answer. I walk until I reach a beautiful pre-war house. Four bells at the front door. I press Stevens' bell. "Stairs, door on your right," I hear briefly via the intercom. The lock of the door clicks open and I push the door. Two doors to the left and right of a beautiful old wooden staircase. The house has apparently been converted into four apartments. I take the stairs. When I arrive at the top, I see the right door ajar.

I push the door further open and shout "Steven?" In the meantime, I look around: a small house. Very tastefully decorated. I see modern art on the walls and a good combination of modern furniture and antiques. I hear Steven's voice answering: "Over here." My heart goes wild. I walk in the direction of his voice. In the room I see Steven lying upright on a large box spring. His beautiful black upper body in white cushions. He smiles broadly and slaps with his hand on the empty space next to him. Without words I undress to my boxer shorts and crawl next to him.
I wait. I'm not sure what to say. Steven takes control and pulls me towards him. He kisses me on my mouth. I open my lips and I feel his tongue in me. I caress his chest and pluck his nipples. I hear satisfied sounds coming from him. I can't wait any longer. With a big wave I throw off Steven's duvet. No underpants. Steven is completely naked. I see his cock. I've often peeked at his crotch in the gym, but I could never see the size. Not even contours. Steven always wears wide sweatpants. Now I see his stiff cock. "It's all yours," he whispers horny. I dive between his legs and get down on my knees. I try to make an estimate. Almost two hands long and thick. Large veins meander over the shaft. Carefully I pull his foreskin back. A drop of pre-cum beads out of his piss slit. It tastes like nothing. Then I take the mushroom head in my mouth. Patiently I sink with my head over his cock. I want to feel him inside me. I collect saliva in my mouth. I push his big cock down my throat. I gag and long for breath. Take a break. I look up. Steven lies with closed eyes in the cushions. Meanwhile my larynx is used to the invasion and I push. Steven's cock disappears completely in my throat. The feeling is great. I hear admiring moans. Steven makes fucking movements with his lower body. He fucks me with long movements. Now that I'm completely used to it, it's actually just as good as in my ass. Steven goes on like this for at least five minutes. Then I feel his cock get thicker. His moaning gets heavier. "Take this, bitch," he shouts. So Steven loves thug-talk. It doesn't make me hornier, I think it's funny. I feel the first ray of sperm in my throat. I retreat. I want to taste his seed. You can have it all, ho," Steven is out of control. He grabs my head and the rays of seed spurt into my mouth. The taste is bitter and salty.

When I look up, I see Steven snogging. I let his cock fall out of my mouth. I can hardly imagine a more beautiful sight. A semi-rigid cock, just cummed and the most beautiful black man in the gym. I crawl up. "Taste this," I say as I push my tongue into his mouth. He doesn't want to, but I persevere. Apparently he has never tasted his own sperm before. "Actually, it's not dirty at all. I just didn't try before," I hear him say.

I crawl next to him and lie comfortable against Steven. He covers us with the duvet. I fall asleep. I had a busy week and was in the gym early this morning. Just a little tired.

I wake up from Steven's movements. Still sleepy I feel that he is going between my legs. He lifts them, takes off my boxer shorts and dives down. His tongue ploughs through my buttock. He licks around my super clean and shaved hole. I am relaxed from sleep and he pushes the tip in. He rims me deep. Steven's cock is rock hard. Without a word I give him permission for his unasked question. We both want the same thing. He grabs his stiff cock, spits on it, and pushes it against my anus. His cock head goes in effortlessly. I feel how he pushes against my sphincter. I grab Steven by his buttocks and jerk him in with force. 'I am in heaven', I scream. "To hell with heaven, i am gonna fuck your brains out," he whispers coarsely in my ear. Steven fucks me with long strokes, then again short and fast and deep and slow. His big cock gently rubs against my prostate. Ruthlessly he fucks me hard up my ass. He pulls himself all the way out of me and then pumps his cock back into me with great force. He increases the rhythm. I notice that he is about to come. Then he falls down on me. I feel the spasms of his ejaculating cock against my prostate. That's enough for me. Without having even touched myself, I cum on my belly. "This is heaven, I've never been fucked like this before," I say to stoke his ego. However it is really almost true.
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to dmf399: It is a thin line between true and make up stories
Very exciting and as long as it's "almost true" that's ok.
4 months ago
I love it!  I get so horny reading of anal penetration wish that, I was there sucking and then taking it up my pussy!
4 months ago
4 months ago
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