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City Library

My internet provider has announced their maintenance work with an email. However, the job they had to do on the cable could take the entire day. I don't like it. I have to email a few articles per se. That's why I go to the city-library. It has been a while since I was in the library. The computers used to be on the second floor. In the meantime, renovations have been made. In the spacious hall on the groundfloor there is a café. Around it, in square, the computers are located. Interior modern and light. A computer in the back seems the most suitable. A nice view of the coming and departing visitors. With a cappuccino next to the keyboard I go to work. I'll be busy for a few hours. I realize that it is actually quite a nice environment. Nice building, good coffee and a pleasant bustle. In short, a good working environment with occasional distraction.

I am completely absorbed in my work and suddenly notice that someone has sat down next to me. I look at his screen unnoticed. He is checking his mail. When I peek again a little later, I see that he has received photos via his e-mail. I can't take my eyes off what I see. In the image the lower body of a man with a big black erected cock. My neighbor scrolls down. I see the same body in different poses. I look at my neighbor. He is looking at me at the same time. "Sorry," I apologize. "I don't want to spy on you, but I can't stop looking." “That's okay, they are on different profiles on the internet, everyone can see them. I have e-mailed the pics to myself so I don't have to save them on my laptop. But ... you are the only one who now knows which face it belongs to. I start a sentence but do not come out of my words. My neighbor laughs and finishes my sentence and my thoughts. “Yes, it's my cock. And…". I start to stammer again, but recover quickly. "Fantastic, the photos look great, it makes me curious about the living specimen." "Can happen just like that," my neighbor smiles. My thoughts suddenly go fast. "Coincidentally, I have to go to the bathroom," I say while I get up. I quickly look at the top left corner of the screen. I make a mental note of his e-mailaddress. My neighbor closes the internetpages he has open. "I also need to," he says, walking behind me to the toilets.

I leave the door ajar. Not much later my computer neighbor slips in quickly. He locks the door and turns around. Now I can take a good look at him. Particularly handsome, large, muscular, hair short and a deep black skin. I estimate him around thirty. He opens his jeans without words. I already saw the bright red tight boxer shorts in the photos. I sit down on the toiletbowl and knead the growing bulge. When I pull the elastic forwards, his cock is throbbing against his belly above his navel. He is slippery. I lick his bald balls and lift them up with my tongue. Then upwards along his hard dick. The veins are thick under the skin. Satisfied sounds above me. A drop of precum pearls on his glans. I suck the clear juice and then take his glans in my mouth. Slowly I push my mouth inch by inch further over his dark dick. I take it as deep as possible. I don't quite succeed. Then I feel two hands on my head. He clearly doesn't settle for half way. As he pulls my head towards him with his hands, he moves his lower body forward. There is no escaping this. After a minute I manage to relax my throat. The big cock slides along my voicebox. I hear a deep moan and an encouraging: "Yes, that's how I want it, all the way down your throat". He increases the rhythm. He fucks hard. The pressure of his hands is lessening. I need to catch my breath. His dick is covered with saliva. Thick bulbs drip on the ground. He doesn't grant me much time. He puts his rod in my mouth again. My throat is now completely relaxed and his glans is sliding down my throat. He fucks me with an even rhythm. He is increasing the pace. I loosen my pants and free my own hard cock and start jerking. Above me, his panting sounds become more intense. I can feel his dick thickening. He comes with a loud growl. He pulls back his cock. I taste his warm bitter seed. A few big waves follow. He pulls his dick all the way out of my mouth. His sperm mixes with my spit. The contrast of the pale moisture with his black cock is great. I spit the cum between my legs in the bowl. "I've already tasted it, I don't necessarily have to swallow it," I explain my action.

"How much time do you need to recover," I then ask. “No problems with a second round. I want to fuck you, "he replies and it is confirmed by his cock. It has hardly decreased in size. I turn around, spit on my fingers and rub my anus. I push two fingers in to loosen my circlemuscle. I spread my legs over the toilet bowl, lean forward on the cistern. His cock slides between my legs. "Ready?" He asks me briefly. I confirm with an equally short answer. I feel his monster sliding inside. His cock is still slippery from our joint moisture. He grabs me by the shoulders and pushes fiercely at once. I am loose and relaxed enough to withstand it without pain. My own cock is still stiff and I start to jerk myself. With long strokes, my computerman bumps through. Our moisture makes it go smoothly. He is panting in my neck. His movements become faster and shorter. I feel the bubbling feeling of an orgasm within myself. The moaning and panting behind me becomes louder. With a hard final, he squirts his cum deep into my ass. He hangs over me, exhausted. I also reach the end. With a few strong jets I spray my seed into the pot. He slowly pulls out of me. I love that feeling. While we clean ourselves with toiletpaper I ask his name. "Call me Rich," he says with a smile. I recognize the name of his mailaccount. "Nice to meet you and so unexpectedly, I couldn't go on the internet at home and had to send a few e-mails," I explain my presence in the library. Rick: "I just moved int town and I don't have a connection yet, that's why I'm here." I lean over and kiss him on the mouth. He opens his lips and we kiss as if we still have to start. "I have to go, maybe we'll see each other here again," says Rick. We slip outside. We say goodbye without words. Rick smiles: "goodbye." I give him a brief tap on his nice round buttocks. I realize that I am seeing them for the first time. As I walk back to my computer, I see Rick walking to the exit. He smiles back again and winks. The librarian looks at me and then to the exit where Rick looks again. The librarian's face is full of question marks. Would he understand what happened in his toilets. I give him a friendly smile. I open my e-mailaccount and type the e-mailadress that i filled in my mind before. I put my home address in the message. Below: "Now you have two addresses from me. Use them!"
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to imherney: sure it was and even hotter than i could write
great horny story - I hope it was true!
4 months ago
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