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Gran Meets Me Halfway


It might have been a scenario I conjured up on my way to the bathroom for my first hand crank of the day but would certainly have made a quick retreat had I known my mother's mother was topless the other side of the open airing cupboard door. Had often pulled off looking at a picture of her I removed from Grandpa's collection I had found in the loft but, 'wow' this was for real. The door closed. "Oh!' exclaimed Gran standing there holding a bra in one hand and the door handle in the other. Neither of us moved. For me no problem; the expectant half hard waiting for my hand was tucked well into… Read more

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She's New, and From Argentina


2 weeks ago, I was introduced to a new person hired where I work. She's in sales, and a lovely creature. For her tender years of 25, she's well-educated and well-traveled. I'm quite gregarious and welcoming, so have made it a point to connect with her as often as I can. Her English is quite good, as she has attended secondary school and college in strong English-speaking countries. She so very lovely - not just in the physical sense, but lovely inside, as well. As to her looks, she has stunning auburn hair, very dark eyes, and a voluptuous shape. Not fat, by any means, but appealingly… Read more

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Meetup with Ted and Tina 2


This is a part 2 and I am not reviewing 1 here. If you want to understand how we got here and who we are, read this story first. As I was lying there with my eyes closed, the world was spinning around and around and even though I could hear voices, they were not familiar and yet I felt I should know them. I tried to open my eyes but the light was there and I really did not like it. That was when I heard a wom… Read more

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Mother Invites Son to Live at Home


"Mom, thanks again for inviting me home to live with you while I'm going through my divorce." The pleasure is all mine. Since your father passed away I've been lonely and wanting another man around the house. I advertised on those dating websites but the only guys that reply are creepy old men that can barely get an erection. I'm looking for someone more about your age with no issues in that department. I'm at the peak of my sexuality and would like to be serviced at least once a day.… Read more

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There Can Be Only One Chapter 18


There Can Be Only One Chapter 18 Ross’s left hand hung by his side holding the camera, he offered his right to Adèle which she reluctantly took. Ross gently pulled his French teacher up to a standing position. Although she didn’t say anything her eyes had an anxious look, wide and glazed as if trying to send telepathic messages to him pleading with him not to take this to the next stage. Releasing her hand, he gently raised it to grasp the lapel of her jacket and pulled it away from her body. A hint of lacy white bra could be seen between the vee of her satin blouse… the top buttons undo… Read more

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Cuckold Fantasy Comes True 1

Interracial SexTabooFirst Time

My wife and I been together for about 20 plus years and are in our early 50s. We exercise and take care of ourselves so we're in good shape and look much younger for our age. We have a good sex life and we’re very open, often talking about our fantasies while having sex. I'm not a submissive husband, but one of my favorite fantasies is for her to cuckold me with a well endowed black man, which is a fantasy talk about quite often while having sex. We decided to make the fantasy a reality and created an account on Adult Friend Finder. We included a few naked pictures with a description that sai… Read more

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My Son And Myself


My husband left me years ago and, at the time this story begins, I was 31 years old. I'd been feeling horny for most of this particular day but I still hadn't done anything to satisfy my arousal before my teenage son came home after school. At 14 years old, Mark quite small and he was'nt very muscular, and he had short dark hair and was extremely well endowed for a young boy. Yes, I confess I'd seen him in the shower a many times and, although his cock was flaccid, it was impressive. Another confession: I often thought about seeing him erect, imagining how it would look when it was hard. T… Read more

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I Found My Soaked Knickers


My husband decided to run off with a young girl from his work. The divorce settlement was to my advantage; I got the house, and a car. For the first few years, everything was great, except for my sex life. I made several purchases of 'toys' that I kept hidden in the back of my knicker drawer under my underwear. These seemed to be enough for me for the time being...I used one or two of them a couple of times a week. One Monday morning, as I was getting the dirty clothes ready for the washing machine, I discovered a pair of my fancier sexy knickers in the bottom of the hamper, soaked with spe… Read more

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Skeletons in my Closet part 3


Skeletons in my Closet part 3 Part 3 Meeting the family John turned me toward the door and as he patted my ass he replied, “After you Kay and we can finish this another time.” John and I went into the kitchen. Mom and my daughter were both cooking at the stove. You could have heard a pin drop as we walked in. My mom turned from the stove. Mom looked to me as she said, “You two sit down, breakfast.... “ her voice went silent as she looked to John. She wiped her hands on her cooking apron as she said, “Well I be dammed is that you John?” John went to her and hugged her as he replied, “Ye… Read more

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Being fucked and used in my early days.


We were drunk, and by far, the two prettiest girls in the room, the other girl had sloped off with two guys, and judging by her screams, was engaged in a double penetration sex act, in the room above where we were. We were the only girls in the room, and could easily be surrounded by four boys each, three girls and a football team, minus a goal keeper, which as someone pointed out, we girls could be good goal keepers, because we could let everyone in, bar their balls. We laughed somewhat nervously, especially when one of the guys came back into the room where we were, high fiving some frien… Read more

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Sister and brother seduce their parents to save th

First TimeTabooGroup Sex

This story is about a elder daughter who seduced her dad and asked her younger brother to seduce her mom in order to stop their parents from separating who were headed for divorce. Shanaya returned to her home which was on the outskirts of Bangalore in Karnataka, India, when she learned that her parents had filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage. She was studying 1st year commerce degree in Mangalore University, was 19 years old and had good body with statistics of 34C-28-36. Her dad Anand Sharma was a chartered accountant 45 years old, a big built man and her mom Nalini was a house wif… Read more

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12" cock boy and his family women

Group SexTabooFirst Time

I am not the author of this story, I loved it very much so I am reposting it.Read and enjoy it. Jake was returning from his second year of college back to his home town of Juliet when he saw the brake lights of the car ahead of him suddenly flash. His car spun to the left to try to miss the metal pile-up in front of him but it was too late. His right front bumper caught the rear bumper of the pickup truck and spun his car around and around into the middle island. He saw the bridge support just before he blacked out. Jake's mom Brenda was at her ladies club meeting when her cell phone went of… Read more

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DOR part 5

FetishLesbian SexTaboo

The week goes by fast for the most part i try (and fail) to try and keep my distance and avoid her for the most part. Maybe give her a chance to breath and miss me. I do have my way of popping up to glance at her without her seeing me (stalker vibe coming off right now, where are my stalkers at?) but for the most part I try to keep to myself and actually focus on work and work only. Suddenly one mid day as I was in mid way to go do a delivery she walks up to me and stops me half way looking for a box. "where is it?" where is what? what are you looking for?" tell me and I be able to better hel… Read more

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This Daughter Really Wants Some Daddy-Cock


NOTE: THIS IS MY BEST STORY YET. IT’S ALSO THE LONGEST, SO STAY WITH IT, I THINK YOU’LL ENJOY IT. IT’S IN 2 PARTS. Part 1 Jill was sucking her boyfriend’s cock when she started thinking about her father. She was giving her boyfriend, Josh, a blowjob as he sat on his sofa, his pants down around his ankles. Jill was doing a great job: She’d licked and stroked his dick to maximum hardness and now she was stuffing it down her throat. (Without gagging—she was proud of that.) But as she worked, her mind had wandered to last evening, when, after work, she drove over to her parents’ house and let hers… Read more

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Fucked GF’s M0ther at Last.

HumorFirst TimeTaboo

Fucked GF’s M0ther at Last. Samantha is a more voluptuous version of my GF; Vicky. Sam is 42, redhead, 39DD, an ass to match and flat abs. All this stacked on two sculptured long legs. Her almond shaped freckled face is beyond pretty! Vicky has just turned 20, 36CC and is eager for my services at every opportunity. Her eagerness is matched only by my horny 22 year old body. Vicky is a great fuck but I would risk everything to screw her m0ther. Samantha is divorced and is never short of suiters but never beds them. Vicky and I have been bed buddies for 18 months. Over this time Samantha has f… Read more

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Gay MaleAnalTaboo

This is plainly a GAY story about a young man’s first time having sex This is all made up, none of it happened anywhere but in my mind and now on my keyboard. It was suggested by a reader of the first chapter that it seemed like there should be a threesome, so here it is. I woke with a start when I heard a noise in the hall. I looked over at the clock and noticed it was 5:00 AM and still very dark. I had fallen asleep naked on my bed after fucking my dad’s ass but before I did I placed some lube on the nightstand. I anticipated that he would take me up on my suggestion that he take me just li… Read more

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Ruining Amanda


I am six feet tall and 200 pounds, white and proud of it. Although I do a manual job I am in constant contact with the public and I have plenty of opportunity to keep my eye on the talent. Sometimes the girls are there for the taking and sometimes it takes longer and more planning. I had been watching this girl for some time so that I knew all her movements. The more careful you are, the longer you can enjoy your fun. She was a catholic schoolgirl. I knew because I had followed her and her family to and from church on several occasions. She must have been about f******n or fifteen with long… Read more

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The Climbing Hut pt2


After I left Andrea and Gillian in the valley (see 'Andrea and Gillian, Part III') I flew to Zurich and picked up my hired car for the fast drive into the mountains to Grindelwald. I knew from my last visit that Jonathan and Jane were on the last week of their honeymoon and I intended to make it memorable for them. It had already been memorable for Jonathan! (see 'The Climbing Hut'). I arrived late in the afternoon in the picturesque little town and I went straight to the chalet that I maintained there. It was in the valley below the town with the great north face of the Eiger looming above an… Read more

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Derek and Susan


I walked into the executive offices and looked at the managing director's PA. She was a slightly plump very pretty blonde in her early twenties, dressed in a smart business suit with a white blouse and dark, sheer, hose, probably tights. I knew that I would have three days at the company and I needed somewhere to stay and some amusement. To fill in time before my meetings started, using my security clearance I checked the personnel records and made a note of her address. I also discovered that her husband was an accountant working in the same company. When the managing director took me on a to… Read more

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The Climbing Hut


I had just come over the shoulder of the lower part of the north ridge of the Eiger and I was relieved to see the mountain hut in a small valley about a hundred feet below me. It was beginning to get dark and the snow was starting to fall again so it was really time to find shelter for the night. As I made my way across the snow to the hut I could see a faint yellow light in the window so I should have company. I shook the snow from my boots, pushed open the door and entered the hut. A blast of warm air greeted me. My companion for the next few hours had clearly been there for quite a while. H… Read more

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