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Mature Porn Stories

The Visit


THE AIRPORT I was standing near the baggage carousel of the airport waiting. I was just waiting for a beautiful lady from a long time ago. I ran the past year through my mind, the first e-mail I received from her, how she had requested to be my Discord friend. How we had become friends over the airwaves and how we had reached this point. Nicole! Nicole! I kept repeating her name to myself maybe to reassure me that this was real, that she was really on that airplane. I felt like an old fool having written to her and for having responded to her many questions but she had answered each of… Read more

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422 the eyes have it [2]

TabooFirst TimeMature

142 The eyes have it (2) Bemused, Maj could not belive she had caved in so completely or so easily, she had been so strongly against it on her way home, so determined so decisive and yet, here she was, still in her working tweeds leading him to her own bed… They sat on her bed, it was one of those moments in life, pregnant with the enormity of the decision, when words are not enough…but they both knew they needed to talk, break the silence, so both began, then stopped as you do…”you first” he shrugged then said, “I did hope you would be true to yourself Aunt Maj, and you have, and I wanted m… Read more

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The Neighbor


We live in a rural area with few neighbors. Our nearest neighbor’s house is about 200 feet away. They are an older couple with a son, who just returned on deployment in the Army. He’s 22 and just was discharged from the service. We were told by his mom that he wants to chill out a while and de-stress. So he stays home and does odd jobs around the house. One day he was out cleaning window screens nearest to our house. Jeannie called me at work and said Dean is out washing screens in shorts and nothing else, and he is very hot. She said he is very fit and muscular. She said she was getting hot w… Read more

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Padmini’s Fucking Desires – Part 1


About the incident. Our neighbors were an elderly couple and their 2 unmarried c***dren, Shyam and Padmini. Shyam was 32 years old unmarried as he was not settled in life. Due to this even Padmini’s marriage was delayed. After a long search, they were able to find an alliance for Padmini. The guy was having his own business and was from a normal conservative family. He was from a different city. We had a good bonding between our families. Padmini was clos… Read more

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Padmini’s Fucking Desires – Part 2


I went close to her and told in ears and said, “Next time you do a video call make sure you lock all the windows along with the door. But it was a wonderful show followed with great action.” I looked at her she looked stunned. She saw the open windows and at me. Her facial expressions changed. She turned red with shock and embarrassment, I waited for few seconds looked deep in her eyes. I held her fingers and told her, “Padmini your husband is very lucky, you… Read more

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Pumping Water And Humping Kajal – Part 1


This happened when I was in my early twenties, during my college days. Vinay here from Chennai, 36 years old, feedback, comments Staying with cousins is always fun and the fun element is enhanced when they are of our same age. Narrating below how my cousin sister and I ended having sex during my 6 month stay at her place. It was our tender passions, raw emotions, and the urge to experience… Read more

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Trying luck in a pool gane

MatureInterracial SexTaboo

As we moved to New York, my beloved hubby was promoted in the company and he started to frequently flight to other cities, sometimes, leaving me home alone for several days… One late afternoon, coming home from my office, I found myself horny, tired of masturbating during Victor’s absence. I needed really another thing... I decided to go down to a local bar. It was normally filled with rough people, truckers and wanderers. I knew that I would get lots of stares going there, and I wanted to know that every man in that place would want to fuck me. I had chosen to wear a short tight mini skir… Read more

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Getting aroused watching black male strippers

MatureInterracial SexGroup Sex

My good girlfriend Laura was reaching finally her forty years old; so other ladies from the wild wives’ group decided to go to a male strip club to celebrate a party there. We all were having a good time, plenty of drinks to lose inhibitions. All the male dancers were younger guys and mostly of them were black… Those guys got totally naked during their routines, showing us how well hung were all of them, specially the black guys. The girls cheered up on Laura, to have a lap dance with one black stripper. One of them came to our table and introduced himself as Ritchie; he was fully naked afte… Read more

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Stranded out in a dark neighborhood

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

I left our friend’s house by midnight. The party had been nice. My loving hubby Victor was arriving at the airport at the same time and we were supposed to meet at home two hours later. While I was driving, my head was filled with the thoughts about the wild sex session I was going to share at our bed with Victor after his four days’ trip away from home. I was already damp underneath my tight black cocktail dress and I could not suppress a smile when I recalled going to the ladies room during the party to take my wet thong off. I tried to call Victor to tell him I was on my way home; but then… Read more

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Attacked in a dark alley

MatureLesbian SexInterracial Sex

Friday evening a wild black woman slammed me against a rough stucco wall, simultaneously undoing my dress and pushing her mouth into mine. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I moaned with pleasure. She sank her teeth into my shoulder and her fingers into my cotton thong… I had got this dark alley by mistake; thinking it would be a short way to the main street where I had parked my car. ""I whispered, struggling to pull away. But the girl pushed her own weight against me even harder. I really did not have much of a chance to make a decision. This wild ebony babe stopped… Read more

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Rhett Cheer


Rhett Cheer I was heading back home from Southern California when I had an urgent need to both pee and recharge with some coffee. The nearest spot was just over the river so I held out until I made the exit, then dashed in to a truck stop and parked. I made the dash in to the men’s room not thinking that I had left my sweat shirt in the car and was wearing a black tank top with a rainbow speckled butterfly emblazoned on the front. Oh well. When you gotta go you gotta go! Anyway, I made it to the pissers, took my little tool out and made my deposit just in time. I was not paying much attention… Read more

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My New Family. Angie's A.

MatureHardcoreGroup Sex

So, I had now been living at Donna and Tom Max's house for a couple of weeks now, and with their very enjoyable encouragement I was really beginning to turn my life around. I was no longer a drop out, and a teenage waster, I was now getting a college education and obeying all the rules, and my future seemed very bright indeed, although not as good as my foster sister's though. Angie my hot slim brunette Foster sister, who was just a year above me, was doing really well, she was studying really hard and that afternoon when we got home from college she announced she had just got an A on her cour… Read more

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421 the eyes have it (1)


421 The eyes have it What was she to do, she asked herself, a mature lady of 68 years married 30 years and she had been widowed now for 7, she had been through the grief stage, resigned herself to widowhood, believing she would never enjoy a males attention or love ever again? But did she want it, did she really want that…sex…no she had forgotten all of it since Paul had passed over…she was respected… had a good job as an office manager… had a nice city flat, over a shop which she owned and rented out to local councillor, as his campaign office, and she had enough money to live without worry… Read more

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Interracial SexMatureTaboo

Today Great content man 04:04 ME: Thanks 04:24 Absolutely! That’s a big mother fucker 04:25 ME: You think so? I think I do alright, at least that's what I've been told ha 04:30 Definitely! Big hanging balls too 04:31 It’s mostly just a fantasy of mine, but I love looking at big black cock I wanna see fucking my wife 04:33 ME: You know that fetish is a two-way street, because even MORE than I've already loved older white women (even when I was like elev3n, I have craved older white women lol), all these cuckolding hypno videos have got me REALLY wanting to pound a tight, gorge… Read more

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Interracial SexHardcoreMature

A Conversation I Really Got Into A Creative Flow On Out Of The Blue. My White Wife Desires & Her BBC Lust. Very Desriptively Written For Those Who Seek The Details That Can Paint A Picture, And A Decent Erotic Writing Ability. I Have Confidence You'll Get Wet. Read On. Today Great content man 04:04 ME: Thanks 04:24 Absolutely! That’s a big mother fucker 04:25 ME: You think so? I think I do alright, at least that's what I've been told ha 04:30 Definitely! Big hanging balls too 04:31 It’s mostly just a fantasy of mine, but I love looking at big black cock I wanna see fucking m… Read more

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Interracial SexMatureFirst Time

his was no dream . She could tell by the goosebumps on her arm and the cool night air on her legs. Here she was a distinguished teacher molder of young minds getting her pussy eaten out by a man that was not her husband , in fact the man pleasing her in such a public place was her eighteen year old student Nicholas. Rebecca held back a moan as her young pupil pleasured her. “Oui baby you’re going to make me come.” As she felt her juices cover his face she thought back to how just a few moments before she considered ratting him out to the bouncers of the night club they had met at earlier but t… Read more

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A surprise encounter with Pauline


I was on my way home from a friend's funeral up-country in the Midlands and stopped half way home for a night in a well-known motel near to the West Country. She was staying over night too with her husband who was attending an Army reunion dinner night, She had used the opportunity to go clothes shopping in a larger town where they had a Marks and Sparks store where, as any woman of a certain age knows, they sell the most comfortable underwear and good quality dresses. After unpacking I went down to the coffee shop and there she was. She was sat in an armchair with her legs drawn-up under her… Read more

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My Search For A Satisfying Dick


Currently, I am working in a reputed company as a top senior manager and withdrawing more than 40 lakhs in a year. But when it’s come to my sex life I don’t get any pleasure from my hubby. He hardly does less than a minute. I am always upset with my hubby sex and bi-pass him for my self-satisfaction. I have a secret life. My… Read more

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Fucked College Dream Girl After 10 Years – Part 2

HardcoreFirst TimeMature

I am back with the second part of ‘Fucked College Dream Girl After 10 Years’. Thanks for liking the first part so much. If you have not read the first part, I suggest you read the first part. Now, without much delay, let’s start our story. I lifted Padmini into both hands and threw her onto the bed. Her nude round boobs jumped violently as she fell onto the sofa. The scene made me hornier. I climbed onto the bed and grabbed her by the hair and drew her lip… Read more

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Me and My Typical Indian Mom

MatureTabooFirst Time

Hi Guys, this is my New Fictional Story of Mom & Son. For all the i****t lovers, Fantasy Role players & Mother F***ing Son's who had tried out or looking forward for a chance to try it out. (Lets get on) This is Vikram and my Mom is Rekha. I am 22 and my Mom is 45 years old now. We are a family of three. My father runs a granite and marble business. He has a busy schedule everyday and travels all around the state, he has made a lot of money with his business and still working to expand his business overseas, we live in a 3BHK duplex. My father pays no attention towards family now-a-d… Read more

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