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Mother Invites Son to Live at Home


"Mom, thanks again for inviting me home to live with you while I'm going through my divorce." The pleasure is all mine. Since your father passed away I've been lonely and wanting another man around the house. I advertised on those dating websites but the only guys that reply are creepy old men that can barely get an erection. I'm looking for someone more about your age with no issues in that department. I'm at the peak of my sexuality and would like to be serviced at least once a day.… Read more

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My husband is businessman he has his office branch in Chennai and Hyderabad. He spends alternative weeks in Chennai and Hyderabad as far as sex I m fully satisfied by him. But as on going through lot of porn sites and sex stories started to grow more and more. Abt me 34b 32 34 lady with long hair. During sex some time we watch porn We enjoyed our life very well.This incident was happened last we… Read more

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Sylvia and Michael get it on


I want you to think back to the story I told you about how Rachel, my little sister, and I lost our virginity to the same darling boy at (well. almost) the same time when I was fifteen, and she and her boyfriend were thirteen? Yeah, that boy. Michael. I'd known him since I was six or seven. We were never serious lovers after that crazy afternoon, but we always kept in touch. Because I was that kind of a girl, we had fucked a few times since then, but I only thought of him in a kind of affectionate way. He had grown up into a boy with a beautiful body, the sexiest ass, but he wasn't super confi… Read more

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TRC - Oni and the Farmer Ch. 15 (Male x Monster Gi

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Kal, Ikuno, Bea and one of Aradelle's vines approached the spectral wolf's remains in hopes of finding any kind of information. Two long black streaks of decayed plant matter starting just beyond the edge of Aradelle's clearing led them to where it had met its end. It was easy to see, however, that any hope of evidence pertaining to who sent it and why it was looking for Ikuno had dissolved into a bubbling, smoking pool of sickly yellow blood laced with black streaks. "Any ideas?" asked Kal Ikuno stared at the bile-colored pool in front of them, "Unfortunately no, I never had any desire to g… Read more

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TRC - Oni and the Farmer Ch. 16 (Male x Monster Gi


Perra and Kahrin both squealed like little girls and came together in a big hug as soon as they saw each other the next morning. After some quick chatter and complaints from both of them about being sore, the two women disappeared into the back of the inn. Kal was curious about why Kahrin would be sore as he sat down next to Bren, who was eyeing him warily. "Did I do something wrong, Bren?" Kal asked. The big man grunted and smiled, "Next time you make a girl into a woman. Pick a different room. Kahrin thought it a challenge to try to keep up with you two." Kal tilted his head in confusion… Read more

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TRC - Oni and the Farmer Ch. 13 (Male x Monster Gi


Kal was a panicky wreck by the time Gerda brought them back up onto the trail not far from Ikuno's pool. He had failed to realize that, even though Gerda 'flew' through the stone at a good pace, the trip back to Ikuno's cave would still take nearly a full hour. With no means of communicating with Gerda, he had no choice but to deal with his phobia and wait until they resurfaced. Once he had gotten his wits about him and recovered from the journey, he explained to Ikuno and Gerda what the issue was. Ikuno's solution was predictable, stripping him down and pushing him into Gerda's arms for a na… Read more

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TRC - Oni and the Farmer Ch. 9 (Male x Monster Gir

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Weeks passed, and pristine white snow blanketed the land. Travel became more difficult and Kal’s routine now consisted of chopping firewood, tending to the a****ls, chopping firewood, checking a****l traps, chopping firewood, cleaning and processing furs to sell at market, and chopping firewood. Visits to Ikuno’s cave became rarer and Kal took to making overnight trips, much to Ikuno’s delight, as the trek seemed to become longer with each new layer of snow. Perra was coming to visit the oni with even less frequency, always sending a hug and a kiss on the cheek for Kal to give the large blue w… Read more

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TRC - Oni and the Farmer Ch. 10 (Male x Monster Gi


Ikuno stood panting in the snowy clearing outside her cave as Kal's tongue ran along her folds. He tried to adjust his erection, which rubbed uncomfortably against his trousers as he teased and nibbled at her lips, gradually making his way toward the top of her sex. "No touching," she said breathlessly, putting a hand on the back of his head and pressing his face into her. Kal growled in annoyance, the vibration making her body shudder for a moment. He sucked her clit into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the sensitive nub until the oni gasped and her legs began to shake, flooding his m… Read more

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TRC - Oni and the Farmer Ch. 7 (Male x Monster Gir

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Kal cautiously opened his eyes as he returned to the waking world. He paused for a moment at the unfamiliar feeling of heavy furs covering him instead of his normal wool comforter. Smiling, he remembered he was not at home and turned to the side to see Ikuno sleeping peacefully next to him. Though not as striking as the changes when he first returned to the cave, as he continued to visit her skin color had deepened to a rich cobalt blue and the triangular marks on her cheeks had nearly vanished. Her backswept horns had almost returned to their normal golden color, with only the very tips stil… Read more

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TRC - Oni and the Farmer Ch. 8 (Male x Monster Gir

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Kal looked down, “Why is it still hard? I haven’t been thinking about anything to keep it that way.” Aradelle shrugged, looking embarrassed, while Ikuno’s brow furrowed in thought. “Perhaps there’s more to ‘Dell’s aphrodisiac than just making men mad with lust,” suggested the oni. “There may be something else in the dust that makes a man hard for a time as well, whether he wants to be or not.” Aradelle looked at Kal, “I don’t know, my dust has always worked, so this has never happened before.” Kal wrapped a hand around his prick for a moment before quickly pulling it away, “Damn, that’s sen… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 136

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Everybody sat down and started eating supper. There were more than enough leftovers for everyone to get their fill, and THEN some. The only thing that WASN'T a leftover were the pies. 2 each of cherry, pumpkin, and peach. Homemade whipped cream, much better than any store-bought, was the topping of choice. Dave and Hiram were congratulating William for jumping in, and saving their new neighbors such a tidy sum of money Dave listened to the retelling of the tale, and asked if it might be a good idea to call Carl and let him in on what had happened, so he could take steps to protect his crew.… Read more

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Fucked GF’s M0ther at Last.

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Fucked GF’s M0ther at Last. Samantha is a more voluptuous version of my GF; Vicky. Sam is 42, redhead, 39DD, an ass to match and flat abs. All this stacked on two sculptured long legs. Her almond shaped freckled face is beyond pretty! Vicky has just turned 20, 36CC and is eager for my services at every opportunity. Her eagerness is matched only by my horny 22 year old body. Vicky is a great fuck but I would risk everything to screw her m0ther. Samantha is divorced and is never short of suiters but never beds them. Vicky and I have been bed buddies for 18 months. Over this time Samantha has f… Read more

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My bio, (non fiction) Chapter 6

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The strip club was getting old to me. Same old shit night after night. The only good thing was the money. I gave up on the Russia dude. Something about him I didn't like. He seemed to controlling. Maybe I need to take a trip to the Vegas strip and see what's up there. It's got to be better then the place I was at. All the bikers and tobacco chewing rednecks is starting to be to much. I got to the club around noonish I guess. Picked up my money I had in my locker and set at the bar to count it. The club opened at 2:00 pm so I didn't have much time. I finished counting my money and traded the… Read more

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Small Tip

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Sara likes her job. Working at Hooters was fun. It paid the bills. The tips were solid. Yes, you put up with being hit on but she was used to that. What she was not used to was a former high school teacher who had more or less harassed her all during her freshman year, showing up as a customer. She thought she had left that bald fat asshole in her rear view mirror. Sara had transferred to another high school in part to get away from him and his leering eyes. His staring at her through his thick glasses was bad enough but the comments were what pushed it over the edge. Those pants fit you wel… Read more

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Sylvia's Birthday part three

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That was fun, I loved it. first I was Edith Piaf, now I shocked the sensibilities of the art world in 1866..." Judy: "Sylvia we loved your song, loved it, loved it...I'm sooooo hot for you now....I want to fuck with you in front of all these you want to do a show, a kinky Hollywood show? Here, put a little bit of this up your nose, dear, there are two things Hollywood is famous for besides movies; cock-sucking and this stuff!" "Tell us what you want, tell us..." My head was swimming. Already Judy was starting to take off her clothes...I had assumed a kind of fake regal bearing, but… Read more

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An Old Debt has to be Paid--1

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I am going to narrate a real life story, a story about me and my wife. It is not a fabrication of my imagination. All characters are real but have had their names changed for personal protection and any relevance to any person is purely a coincidence. This is a story of blackmail, cheat, jealousy, cuckoldry relationship. If you… Read more

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An Old Debt has to be Paid--2

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The Truth ... Next day was a Saturday. At breakfast I had some strange feeling. Not because a third person sitting there but some unpleasant feeling. Perhaps I sensed that this day was going to change our life. After breakfast we gone to central shopping street. She paid for his new clothes and shoes, even helped him to choose and sometimes asked my opinion. We got our lunch outside and aft… Read more

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D.O.R part 3 of more to come

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I have this item I am unsure what it is is a female product that I need help trying to...before I can finish my thought she interrupts. 'Vanessa! please don't tell me is a virbator? she ask looking at me while placing another g**** in her mouth( seriously of all the things she could of said why she brought this up) without skipping a beat i respond with "no those are my field of expertise it is not a virbator" i say pointing at her while she look obvious for a split second trying to figure out what the hell did i just say and did i really said that (yes yes i did) "FAST FORWARD lets Fastforw… Read more

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Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor-1

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This is a true story of my beautiful wife's affair with our disgusting, elderly neighbor. It has been well over four years now but their appetite hasn't worn off. The story has been dramatized to make it presentable to the reader. The majority of the story and the acts involved are true but could be slightly exaggerated to provide reading pleasure. The story has been written is a narration of… Read more

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D.O.R. part 1 of many yet to come

HumorLesbian SexMature

We start at a hotel building, as much as I try to get away from this it seems to draw me in. Is easy money and most of theses types of job I keep for 6 months give or take and eventually I move on to something else. Also is easy money if you’re not lazy. I work at this “Sunny Paradise” type of hotel is a 3 to 5 star hotel. I have been working here for about 6months now and I am actually surprise because I really didn’t think I be here this long. Sadly, I wont be here for very long anyways because I will be leaving shortly for a whole different type of career. I be traveling around driving over… Read more

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