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Taken and made to serve (part 2)

AnalGay MaleHardcore

Bruce smeared his dick head over my lips and cautioned ' ... open your mouth or we gonna really hurt your sissy ass! ... ' As Bruce pushed his dick head into my mouth there was a noise in the outside. Daniel went thru the door and I could hear part of the conversation. I tried to break free but Charlie and Bruce had me tight. Charlie had my body pulled back so that my chest was off the mattress and Bruce had one hand on top if my head and the other pinching my mouth open. I had to keep my elbows planted on the mattress to support me. ' ... you boys know better then to be up here with that… Read more

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To my Daddy: The safe word is red

BDSMFirst TimeHardcore

I want to defy being submissive to you, because you have to make me your good girl. I want you to force me on to my knees by wrapping my hair around your fist. Then force my face down in to the bed. Show me your my daddy and I must submit to you. Pull my hands behind me and hancuff them, then spank my ass with a whip, smack my pussy too. Then put the vibrator on my clit until I’m just about to cum and stop. Pull my face up from the bed, then force your cock in my mouth. Fuck my face and make me gag on your big fat cock. Smack my face while you fuck it, smack my breasts too. Pull me away from y… Read more

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Submissive to Master

BDSMHardcoreFirst Time

There once was a girl named Jenni, She loved to be naughty and to be submissive to one master only. But the problem she had was finding a master who could do that for her. Then one day she found a glorious master who knew what she wanted. He knew that Jenni loved being controlled and he knew that she loved to please him. And one day she told him about a fantasy of hers. And he told her “play out your fantasy for me Jenni, like a good girl.” She did as she was told, she got on her knees and stripped naked for her master. She crawled over to him on her hands and knees, then said “master I’ve bee… Read more

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Cheating slut girlfriend


Before I tell you what happened, I need to tell you about Sarah. Sarah is my girlfriend, 5'9",; pale white skin, as white as snow, everyone says. She has big green eyes and long, bright red natural hair. Her perfectly curvy body is round in all the right places. On her perfect pale tits lie two perfect pink nipples. Her pussy is pink and tidy but she has a shock of ginger pubic hair surrounding her sex, She's the ultimate girl next door. She's a stunning ginger. She's a real hottie. And she's mine. Sarah and I had been dating for quite a while. One night, I had been away for work and I was… Read more

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Hubby and Wife reach an Fuck Agreement

First TimeHardcoreMasturbation

I am a white American male 44 years old. My wife is Indian and she is 36. We have been married for 10 years. I recently found out she has been having an affair with an older man. He is 50. It turns out she has been fucking him since she was 18 and he was 31. This of course was in secret. Because he was married, eventually it started to leak and she soon moved to the US. This is where I met her, she was 25 or 26 and we got married soon after. A few years lat… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 122


Dave had come in just at dark. He was tired, but was in one of the best moods anybody could remember seeing him in. He was almost in the same mood as he was when the babies were born, except that this time there were no tears of joy. He was almost as giddy as if he had taken something. He had contained himself long enough to be introduced to the Mayfield's and the Elledge's. He had hugged and kissed each of them, and expressed his VERY genuine pleasure from finally meeting them. Bruce had described them so completely, that he recognized each of them before any had a chance to speak. HE had, as… Read more

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Auntie Estela takes a chance on me


That warm summer afternoon I was fucking my sexy girlfriend Ana so good. We were alone at my own bedroom and we did not expect anyone home for a couple of hours. My relation with Ana was serious and we were engaged to marry next year. My sexy girlfriend was on her knees and elbows and I was fucking her tight cunt from behind, when suddenly the bedroom door flew open and my loving Auntie Estela stormed in. My aunt was an attractive woman in her late forties, still worth for a good fuck. She had a toned body, with nice round hips and long legs to die for. Auntie Estela looked at both of us an… Read more

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Running a con in Vegas


I could see the energy-sapping July heat of Las Vegas through the window of the Virgin Atlantic 747 from London as we slowly taxied towards the terminal. The hills in the far distance shimmered as the ground crews sweated in hi-viz waistcoats and shorts. Four days previously, my business partner and occasional fuck buddy, Cameron, had made the same journey from Panama. This would be our third and final visit of the year. We'd keep a low profile until we returned next January. You see, we are fraudsters, thieves, con artists, call us what you will. This is how we make our living. Okay, it's no… Read more

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Cyreel’s JOB Interview


I just want to make some clarifying statements, first this is a work of fiction and fantasy. All individuals are over the age of eighteen and all aspects is of consensual sex. As this is my first story I have written all constructive criticism is welcome please direct all comments to [email protected] Cyreel’s JOB Interview I am married to Cyreel my name is Jim Edwards my wife and I are 28, we met when I was working in the Philippines for a construction company. She was in college working on a business degree. I had first seen her at a friend’s party she was dancing with several guys she has… Read more

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Cook In Need, Cock In Ass


had just completed my graduation from university and was at home for about 3 months before my post graduation began. The cook Chaya used to come in the evenings to cook dinner at our place. At first, I did not pay much attention to her as I used to be busy with my projects and course work in the evenings. However, the beginning few weeks I was home, I had time to occupy myself for the day but evenings were the downtime and I didn’t have much to do. So, one… Read more

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Naive, Married Colleague Turns Into A Slut-1

Interracial SexHardcoreFirst Time

it all started two years ago when I joined a new company in Whitefield, Bangalore. My team was working in the maintenance and enhancement project and the developers had to work in shifts on a rotation basis. As I was not originally hired for development, I didn’t work in shifts but one day I had to work as the team members were on leave during the festival season. It is generally two people and the other person was a married lady in her early thirties. H… Read more

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Why we want to see our wive's fucked


If you read my other stories could explain a few things (all true accounts) but, why do some husbands want to see the love of their life fucked and used by others? To start with I was quite jealous of my so sexy hot looking wife being stared at but after a couple of years into our marriage it became an obsession for me wanting to see my lovely wife used and fucked by other men. Luckily Monica was quite a horny woman and after the initial shock of confessing my desires she agreed to take on another man but saying, "I don't need anybody else, will you still love me after" etc. It wasn't hard to… Read more

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Ana turns me into an eager cuckold


Having such a huge dick; sizing almost eight inches’ long and very thick; it was easy to keep my sexy Ana well satisfied every time we fucked… But some months ago she started to beg me to perform oral sex on her after fucking her in a wild manner, stealing from her some intense loud orgasms. Anita sometimes yelled at me during intercourse, begging me for more; but sometimes she lay there quiet, just feeling my cock was hurting her… One night she finally told me she wished I had a bigger cock, just as her Black Master had: a real ten inches’ long; a real black monster cock… She said that thi… Read more

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Wife's away at a conference


These conferences were always so boring. She had to go alone because her husband could never get time to go with her. “At least this hotel had a pool and I was able to take a swim” she giggled to herself. She got back to her hotel room from the pool and she sent a message to her husband “Gonna take a shower real quick and then call you” She turned on the hot water in the shower and let the water run over her body as she relived the swimming adventure she had just had. There was only one other person at the pool when she arrived. She went to the locker room to change and as she came out she g… Read more

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Amatures in need. 1.

Group SexHardcoreMature

"Hi and welcome to Amatures in need" I said looking into the camera, after Steve had turned it on. "Me and Steve have come to this little town in the midlands, because we received a urgent email from a middle aged woman named Carol, who has two k**s, a mortgage, no partner, and is really in need of a good hard fuck! So lets go find her!" I then said letting the audience know what was going on. You see, while we were filming Grandma Honey's videos, we started getting plenty of emails from ordinary folk wanting to know if they could join in, and even though Grandma Honey was kind of interested i… Read more

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Time Alone


How we could get away is still such a mystery to me, but we are finally able to have the luxury of time on our side, uninterrupted. As I pack for our adventure I make sure to bring the red bag that holds His tools. These implements of pleasure and pain. I can only imagine how they will be used, or if. We have planned enough to have our time, but I know that this is just the start. I remember years ago, the ties that bind, toys that fill. The way I fell in love with this man. Now all these years later, in this place, at this time I am reminded of where we started. I look around this small… Read more

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My mom's incredible best friend


I was a 23 year old home from school for the holidays staying with my divorced mother. We had a good relationship and she pretty much let me come and go as I wanted as long as I didn’t do anything that created more work or caused any problems. She was dating a guy and spent a lot of time out of the house either at work or with him. Just after Christmas a week or so before I was to head back to school, she told me she was having one of her old friends come and visit for 10 days. She told me her friend, whose name was Carrie and whom I had never met, would be staying in the guest bedroom next to… Read more

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greedy girls night [shirley confesses all]

Interracial SexHardcoreVoyeur

After a light meal we all watched TV then about 8.30 Shirl said she was going up to bed to catch up on her sleep if we were all off to the beach tomorrow but to wake her when i went up. anxious to know what she had to tell me i kissed our friends nite nite & went up to bed. I pulled back the sheet to gaze at my wifes tanned sexy marked body , as she roused feeling me beside her she pulled me down onto me, squeezing my hardening cock & kissing me hard & long.then telling to just lie back & listen she would tell me all. Her Account. Brad was very gentlemanly & protective of… Read more

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First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

The HIGH SCHOOL VIRGIN WHORE I have always thought about sex since I was a young girl and figured out that if I played with my pussy, it felt good. I would fantasize about what sex would feel like and I used my fingers to rub myself at night and more than a few times, used my hair brush handle in my butt and even put my toothbrush handle in my pussy some. I did this for a few years on and off and one day, just a year before I started high school, I met this boy and he and I would kiss behind my house and I would let him touch me between the legs and stuff like that. He was my lover, at least… Read more

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My wife’s gangbang

Group SexMatureHardcore

Well, Julie & I regularly attended swinging/swapping parties at our neighbours, Steve & Emma, and were becoming more and more sexually liberated. It had really spiced up our own lovemaking and we were more open in sharing, exploring and acting out our fantasies. We set a few rules: always safe sex, no anal, no pain and no sex without each other present. I’d actually become comfortable with seeing Julie with other guys. One day, while in the kitchen ironing, Julie confessed that she wanted to get fucked by 3 or 4 guys at once. The idea turned me on too and we ended up fucking there and… Read more

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