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Miss Gay Argentina

Gay MaleInterracial SexShemale Porn

Larry Dixson watched his wife of 42 years head out of the driveway in her silver 2016 Lexus LS 460. Sedan. Maranda was on her way to spend the night with her mom. Larry was glad to be rid of her. He went into his 1990 Chevy pickup and took a prepaid cell phone from the glove box. He made a call. “Hello,” answered Carmen Soria in her sweet, docile heavily accented English. “Hey, baby. You can come on over.” “See you in a few,” the chick said before tapping end on the screen. Carmen jumped in the shower. She’d already douched out completely earlier in the day. The 38 year-old with perky A-cup… Read more

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Taken and made to serve (part 2)

AnalGay MaleHardcore

Bruce smeared his dick head over my lips and cautioned ' ... open your mouth or we gonna really hurt your sissy ass! ... ' As Bruce pushed his dick head into my mouth there was a noise in the outside. Daniel went thru the door and I could hear part of the conversation. I tried to break free but Charlie and Bruce had me tight. Charlie had my body pulled back so that my chest was off the mattress and Bruce had one hand on top if my head and the other pinching my mouth open. I had to keep my elbows planted on the mattress to support me. ' ... you boys know better then to be up here with that… Read more

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Opium and the Stick

First TimeGay Male

I have dreamt about cocks for a long time. I tried to imagine what other guys cocks look like and what they would feel like to hold but when I was younger I could never imagine I would go any further and actually get to hold one, let alone suck it. I would surf the internet for hours looking at straight porn but I would always find myself finishing off on gay sites or chat rooms, looking to see as much cock as I could. I always found I could get a better hardon looking at guys jacking off than I could watching a m/f fuck frenzy. Anyway....I suppose it all really kicked off when I passed my dr… Read more

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Lust Amoung the Arroyos

Gay MaleMature

[In homage to 'Jorge' (not his real name), and the summer of 1972, when I spent some time in northern New Mexico, and saw some of the deeper drama of that area in a way I would have never glimpse but for him!] Jake Two Feathers stopped his battered and dusty-rusty 1958 Ford pick up truck at the end of the long and winding dirt-gravel road, and waited for the cloud of dust that had followed him, to dissipate into the arid air before getting out. As he did get out, he glanced around at the sagebrush that stretched out in all directions, and the dark basaltic rocks that littered the surface. He… Read more

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Perfumes of Dick

Gay Male

I know there has to be something wrong with this apartment. No one rents out a huge loft like this for one-tenth of the market value unless it's haunted or something. But since I haven't found a steady job yet, I don't really have a lot of options. This is all that I can afford. I search the place thoroughly, but I can't find anything obviously wrong with it -- no rats, no roaches, no bloodstains, and the plumbing and electricity both work. I go to bed feeling extremely lucky. When I wake up, though, it's a different story. My asshole is sore, like I've been ridden hard, but I broke up with… Read more

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Cowboy in Arcade

Gay Male

I grew up in Norman, Oklahoma and it was only natural that I would attend the University of Oklahoma. Just 20 minutes to the North is Oklahoma City. There is an adult video store there I had heard about. When I was 19 and a Freshman at OU, It is where I sucked my first cock. The store was located in a seedy, industrial part of town. I did not realize how many men went there. When I went in I was overwhelmed by the adult toys and video displays. A mature handsome man in his 50s approached me. He muscular with salt and pepper hair and dressed like a rancher or cowboy. He asked me: “First time… Read more

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What position would you prefer?

Gay Male

It begins with an that I will come over to visit and instruct you to leave your front door unlocked. You will be lying face down on your bed and you will hear me enter your home, walking to the kitchen the sound of the microwave runs for a few seconds. Upon entering your bedroom I the close the d****s and return to admire your form, you had been instructed not to speak and informed there would be consequences should you do so. I begin to undress and your first feeling are my hands spreading your legs wider to allow me to kneel between your legs. Without warning you feel a warm liquid trickle… Read more

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Gay as Fuck - Part III

Gay MaleInterracial SexShemale Porn

Trent made his way through the security checkpoint. He flirted with the light-skinned TSA agent. He found the gate for the Lufthansa flight departing Charlotte for Munich. He spotted the dark chocolate sissy fag sitting there waiting. “I like that hair,” he said plopping his massive body into a seat one over from De’Shane. “Them French braids look good as fuck! You Pocahontas faggot!” De’Shane giggled. “Thank you! You don’t think they’re too long.” “Hell naw! They all the way down yo’ back. I’ma be pullin’ them shits later.” “Yes, sir!” “I been thinking,” the blue-gray eyed man shared. “You s… Read more

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Afternoon hook up

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

Craig’s list used to be a good way to hook up with guys. I quickly learned that the W4M posts were all prostitutes. The M4M posts were mostly bisexual guys. I answered a post once and quickly learned that we were both looking for the same thing, I am a bottom and he is a top. He invited me over, so I decided to take a long lunch break. I arrived to a dumpy little shack of a house with broken windows about 3 miles out on a dirt road with no neighbors. I thought this must be what a crack house looks like. I knocked and a guy answered the door – naked. I was surprised but since there were no nei… Read more

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Doctor In My Hole Part 2

Gay MaleFetishAnal

Doctor in My Hole Part 2 Thank you to my readers for their suggestions following Part 1. After my session with Richard, I admit to being scared by the prospect of meeting him again and on his orders, i.e. dressed in women’s underwear, something I disliked let alone entertained. It was this specific condition of his that left me wretched for several weeks. I pondered just returning to see him but instead I called him to see if he would relent. Richard was quite aloof when he answered his mobile. I believe he recognised my number. It seemed that he just wanted to get straight to business and he… Read more

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Not Gay But Willing to Learn

First TimeGay Male

I was 26 years old, and living in an apartment, just getting my career going after spending time in graduate school. I had always considered myself straight. I was never what you'd calla "babe magnet" and I was never real good at picking up women, but I wouldn't say I was sexually deprived either. Through several one night stands and a few semi-long term girlfriends, I'd say I probably had at least as much sex as the average single male my age. To make a long story short, I started wondering what it would be like to have sex with a guy. I wasn't attracted to any particular guys, but the idea… Read more

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Not Gay But Willing to Learn PT2

FetishGay MaleAnal

Well, it was my turn to get off, but it wasn't what I quite expected. I laid back and said "It's your turn now Mike." He looked at me nervously and lowered his head and started kissing, licking and sucking my dick. He was doing a pretty good job and a few moans escaped me. After about 2 minutes, I felt him stop sucking and he began jerking me off. At this point I knew he couldn't go through with blowing me, but I had to get off, so I encouraged him to keep masturbating me. It only took another minute and I exploded - cum landed all over my stomach and his hands. I looked at him and said "Thank… Read more

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Bringing Out My Husbands Bi-Side

Group SexGay MaleFetish

Sometimes me and Mike just love to go out, pick up a slut or a stud, or a couple of them, and have ourselves nasty threesomes or foursomes. Lately we've really been getting off on picking up guys, especially since about a year ago I got my husband to start messing around with bi guys, even a few gay guys, bringing out Mike's 'bi' side, which I soon discovered was a big part of him. Man, once he discovered cock, he couldn't stop! Of course I worked him up to that by using my big dildos and strap-ons on him. He took to them like a real champ and we both new what the next step was. I woke up one… Read more

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Gay as Fuck - Part II

Gay MaleInterracial SexShemale Porn

“Look at that,” De’Shane Moore smiled heartily. Krystal Sherrill had just pushed out a healthy eight-pound-two-ounce baby boy. “He’s gorgeous.” The certified nurse midwife motioned for the beaming father to come over. “You wanna cut the umbilical cord?” “Yeah, doc,” the six-one, 223-pound b**stly White man confirmed. “Congratulations, Mr. Sherrill!” “Thanks, doc!” A registered nurse took the infant and went to wash him off. Then the c***d was handed to the former stripper. “Beautiful,” remarked De’Shane before exiting the room. The new papa followed behind him. “Hey, doc!” “Yes,” De’Shane… Read more

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Gay as Fuck

Interracial SexTabooGay Male

“Alright, mom,” the certified nurse midwife said to her patient. “Everything looks great! Any questions?” “No I think I’m good,” the small town stripper replied. “Dad,” asked the advanced practice nurse. “So do you think she’ll need a C-section?” The brown-skinned baby mama looked worried. “That’s not the plan right now. Did you have a preference?” “No,” Trent Sherrill answered. “Just wondering.” The extremely effeminate healthcare provider looked at the towering, bulky White man with blue-gray eyes. He wondered how hard the Caucasian man had fucked this chick when he impregnated her. “Okay… Read more

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Ex BFs hubby is my new lover

FetishGay MaleMasturbation

I became close friends with my ex Tony and his hubby Richard. I had a reason to. Tony had left me for Richard when I was planning to spend the rest of my life with him and did it in a cold, matter of fact way that he felt was ok and I should simply accept. Strangely, I did. I was heartbroken but started to socialise with guys I met in Gay dating apps, I say dating, I was fucked senseless most nights by a stream of guys who's names I struggle to remember. Then one evening, a married guy stopped his car for me and asked me to jump in. He was young, good looking and offered to run me home. It wa… Read more

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First date with new Black Daddy

Interracial SexGay Male

It had been a week since I first connected with Darron, we liked each other on a dating app and although i was still unsure of what to make of this whole situation we had been chatting on friendly terms for the few days that followed while at work and at home. It had been flirty but nothing overly risque and maybe it was because I had told him that i was newly single and dipping my toes back in the dating pond. I didn't tell him that the dating pond I was getting in to was a new one for me and that previously I had only ever dated women, despite the odd side one night stand with another man I… Read more

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A boy’s lusty start.

First TimeGay Male

I was very young, but had already begun to touch, pleasure and explore my smooth body. Late at night, thoughts of sex consumed me. Lying there, naked in my bed, my hands would run up and down my body, imagining it was the hands of an experienced older man. My cock hard and throbbing, leaking a stream of clear, sticky pre cum, I would gently touch my tight asshole, wishing it was him caressing me. I would fantasize about having him suck me, his masculine nude body pressed against me. How I wondered what it would be like to tou… Read more

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First Time ----1

First TimeGay Male

So, we were ½ way thru with cleaning the theater. Movie must have sucked because it wasn't very cluttered or dirty. Bill, my boss suggested an extra break. It was Spring Break at my High School. Easter weekend then a whole week off school, my parents and 2 little sisters went to my grandparents for good Friday, and weren't due back till Tuesday or Wednesday Bill was about 30, a little over 6’, maybe 180lbs. I was 18, 5'9”, skinny, long dark red hair pulled back in a pony tail. We started together about 6 months ago. The theater had just reopened after being closed for a couple years, was a… Read more

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My Ex Lover Plays Matchmaker - Part 1 - The Set Up

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

This is a true story with only the names changed. This is part 1, the story of how my former gay playmate set me up with a guy who is as close to my fantasy male lover as anyone can be. Part 2 is about what happened when we got to his place and the fun started. I hope to post part 2 soon. "Josh" and I were best friends since I was 8 and he was 6. I hit puberty and I began to see Josh as my best friend and also my potential gay playmate. I have written several stories about him and me. This one is about something that happened more than three years after our last ever encounter. Going back to… Read more

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