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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 48

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A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf andWunderboi ****** Chapter 48- The Cosmopolitan Quarter ******​ Our story thus far: The arrival of Rhino RMM Inc. had transformed the fortunes and the lives of sleepy Hawksville in ways beyond the wildest imagination of its original inhabitants. What had once been a sleepy backwater town reliant on farming and few decaying industries for its existence was now a dynamic highly developed hive of activity and pleasure that attracted the attention, admiration and, although at the moment they might not admit to it, env… Read more

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The estate agent


I arrived at the estate agents at 9:00 sharp Zoe was meeting me there just after, the shop was locked, I looked at my watch, it said 9:02, just as I looked up a silver series 5 BMW pulled up and parked outside, a gorgeous tall but plump women climbed out she had a short red skirt, and a black low cut top, she must of been late 30’s I suppose, and she had fantastic tits, my phone buzzed in my pocket, it was a text from Zoe, “Running late, stuck in traffic, I’m not sure if I will make it now, can you deal with it on your own? Cheers babe Z xx we were putting the house on the market! Anyway this… Read more

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Lessons Learned in Forced Feminization, You Decide


So did this title catch your attention. Will you read on?? Ok so I'm not going to tell you I was forced onto hormones, I didn't get huge breast implants or permanent makeup tattooed on my face. I cannot go out in public and pass as a beautiful genetic female. But if you read on I will tell a true story of one of my early experiences with my wife after she caught me secretly crossdressing in her clothes, masturbating hard as a rock ready to cum. (that was my first of many to follow ruined cum). I promised her the world so to speak (my second mistake) not to divorce me as I expected she would if… Read more

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Our story

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Honestly I'd never thought about it before. Seeing my beautiful wife with another man just never crossed my mind. Like a lot of guys when I searched for porn online my taste's were pretty normal I guess. When I'd click on videos with titles like "wife with friend " or " slut wife" it was just because a beautiful woman would catch my eye, but the more I watched I couldn't help finding myself thinking how unbelievably turned on I got seeing someone's wife get fucked like her husband or boyfriend wasn't even there! Soon this was all I could think of, almost consuming my every thought. How I wante… Read more

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She's New, and From Argentina


2 weeks ago, I was introduced to a new person hired where I work. She's in sales, and a lovely creature. For her tender years of 25, she's well-educated and well-traveled. I'm quite gregarious and welcoming, so have made it a point to connect with her as often as I can. Her English is quite good, as she has attended secondary school and college in strong English-speaking countries. She so very lovely - not just in the physical sense, but lovely inside, as well. As to her looks, she has stunning auburn hair, very dark eyes, and a voluptuous shape. Not fat, by any means, but appealingly… Read more

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Cuckquean meet cuckcake unexpectedly


You'd known I'd been seeing my gf for a month or so now and bits of hers was appearing round the house but as a good cuckquean you appreciated that she is a big part of my life now since she gets my cock and cum almost daily. You'd never met and you was happy as you got to hear all the naughty stories later, see some naughty photos that she sends you of me and most of all you got to clean my cock after I'd been with her. You'd started to work out that I wasn't just using her arse and mouth like our original agreement but I'd told you I just rubbed it against her clit as it made her orgasm an… Read more

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having fun with my girlfriend's mother

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i had a very open relationship with a young lady named Wren. We used to get together several times a week and smoke pot, drink beer, and watch porn. These sessions would last for 7 or 8 hours, and then i would usually go home. My primary interest in her was being able to tell her about and show her my strong sexual needs, which included wearing sexy lingerie such as bikini or thong panties, and stockings with a nice garter belt. I also like to wear makeup and a wig too, but didn't do that all the time. i don't really consider myself a crossdresser, but i've had a fascination with women's linge… Read more

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looking back. vacation

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a The internet opened up whole new worlds for people, myself included. My first pc was put together from spare parts collecting dust in a friend's garage, he brought it over to the house showed me how to put it together and loaded and aol trial disk. That's all it took. The worldwide web was now opened to me, including porn, of course. The biggest thrill was when I figured out how to get in gay/bi chat rooms and use instant messenger. Dating sites had my attention also. I loved being able to scroll through pages of naked people and hard cocks with my very fingertips. After 4 or 5 months of thi… Read more

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A collection of various blogs and tales


I have the impression, though I may be wrong, that blogs on here don’t get as much attention as stories, I am basing that view on the lack of comments and reaction to them. So what I’m doing here is just taking some recent blogs and pasting them together so they are then long enough to become a “story”. We can then see if they get any more attention. Blog 1 Panty lines on show Come and look at my vpl (visible panty line) gallery. There is now a collection of 100 photos of lovely views. Ladies see visible panty lines as a a wardrobe malfunction but for the most part men love them,! I am a… Read more

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Being fucked and used in my early days.


We were drunk, and by far, the two prettiest girls in the room, the other girl had sloped off with two guys, and judging by her screams, was engaged in a double penetration sex act, in the room above where we were. We were the only girls in the room, and could easily be surrounded by four boys each, three girls and a football team, minus a goal keeper, which as someone pointed out, we girls could be good goal keepers, because we could let everyone in, bar their balls. We laughed somewhat nervously, especially when one of the guys came back into the room where we were, high fiving some frien… Read more

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DOR part 4

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Moment 4: I was on one of my daily n hourly rounds around the hotel seeing what I can do to get a few extra tips here n there or maybe convince someone of asking me to stay an extra hour or 2 every penny counts. As I was going down one of the stairways I am opening the door and just as I am about to pop out of the door, by a inch of a centimeter I run right into, guess just take a guess.... the queen of England……No not really and I’m sorry I would not want to she scares me lols Is Ms. Ishara who is dressed in an all black top tight up at her breast and a nice tight v high trouser that very we… Read more

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DOR part 5

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The week goes by fast for the most part i try (and fail) to try and keep my distance and avoid her for the most part. Maybe give her a chance to breath and miss me. I do have my way of popping up to glance at her without her seeing me (stalker vibe coming off right now, where are my stalkers at?) but for the most part I try to keep to myself and actually focus on work and work only. Suddenly one mid day as I was in mid way to go do a delivery she walks up to me and stops me half way looking for a box. "where is it?" where is what? what are you looking for?" tell me and I be able to better hel… Read more

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My first good threesome.

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This is 100% true, names have been changed. My husband and I have been married for 3 years at the time this happened, together for 7 years total. At this time our relationship was not open like it is now. One day my husband’s best friend Eric came by. All of us are gamers so we got along great. Eric was sitting on the foot of our bed playing a game we were taking turns trying to complete when my husband suggested to seduce him. I was shocked. I was used to open relationships but he wanted us to be exclusive. I pointed this out to him and he told me he always wanted to be open but chose not t… Read more

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She Got What She Asked For

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I'll never forget the night Meagan came home and dropped a bomb on our marriage. I had just put our son to bed, and as she undressed in the master bathroom she tells me that she's been thinking and she doesn't feel fulfilled in her sex life anymore and that she wants to try having another lover. I was shocked, but at the same time releaved. She explained that she still loved me and wanted to stay married, she just needed to satisfy her own fetish. I actually understood, and Meagan had always gone above and beyond to entertain my fetish for silk and satin clothing, so after thinking on it a bi… Read more

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TRC - Oni and the Farmer Ch. 14 (Male x Monster Gi


"So, how does it feel?" asked Aradelle, lying with her elbows on one of her petals with her chin resting on her hands. A stray breeze shook the white and blue petal but Aradelle never moved, held up by the two thick vines coming from the center of her flower that turned into her legs. Where those legs met an occasional drip of her clear nectar fell to the petal and ran back to the middle of her flower. "Not much different really," said Bea sitting nearby and casually playing with Kal's hair since he had decided to use her lap as a headrest. Kal chuckled, "All that work chasing and catching y… Read more

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Out For a Ride


I have had a bit of a fetish with the older woman/younger man situation and I thought that I should explain where it came from. When I was younger, I had taken up road cycling as a sport. On the way back from a training ride, not too far from home I went around the corner, hit some loose stone and slipped off the bike. The woman across the road was in her front yard and quickly came over to see if I was alright. I had a few sc****s and the bike needed some repairs. She took me in a helped clean up my elbow and shoulder before I fixed my bike off. The next week I dropped over and took a bunch o… Read more

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The New Look Parka - A College Wank Story!


For most people, college/ university is one of the best times of their lives. For me, it was even greater due to seeing a sheer amount of puffer jackets/ parkas being worn around campus. Topshop, New Look, Atmosphere, Boohoo and Oasis just to name a few brands. The fur hoods always looked great! You could tell that most of these jackets/ parkas were brand new due to new starters and wanting new fashionable clothes whilst walking around college. Nearly every other week there was the same jackets to lust over but every now and then, a new one would catch my attention and I would make it a missio… Read more

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I Like Men! Turned Out Lesbian

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Yeah, so a couple of months back I was at this little diner down in Tucson. It's pretty much a dive, but the girls there are so damned sexy that it's worth it. I always make it my business to stop by whenever I'm passing through town. Unfortunately, the pickings were pretty damned slim that morning. There were a couple of teenage girls, but they looked a little too young, and I don't swing that way. I may be a bad ass biker bitch, but even I have principles! When the waitress walked by, I slapped her on her nice round ass to get her attention. She wasn't all that great... just a middle aged,… Read more

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Girls know Best Lesbian

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

Walking to the door, she felt confidence in her work. April had created her own business by deciding she would do what she liked best. A little planning and soon she had several appointments. She thought back to how she had decided to get into the business of personal massage. Her first orgasm had come at the hands of a masseuse who knew all of the special places on a woman's body. It had been her first massage. She had been nervous, the tenseness evident in her shivering. She had lain nude underneath a towel that just covered her bottom, awaiting the masseuse. When the masseuse entered the… Read more

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Girls know Best PT2 Lesbian

Lesbian SexFetish

April had heard the words the masseuse had spoken, but couldn't believe what she had heard. Turn over? She wants me to turn over? I haven't recovered from the orgasm I just had and now this girl is promising me Another forty-five minutes! I know my nipples are still hard. If this girl touches them they will only get harder, April thought. I am still wet. My clitoris is still hard, like a pebble. If the girl left the room, I would stay in here and fantasize about her and give myself another orgasm. But here she is offering to continue the massage for another forty-five minutes! Maybe she likes… Read more

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