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A Couple's Fantasy Goes Awry

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By MisterNatural In the beginning... May 1988 ******* After moving into the split level ranch on a quiet cul-de-sac in suburban Niskayuna, New York, Carol Angelo thought everything was working out perfectly. Married for three years to John, the guy she had dated all through school and beyond, her dream of a peaceful life in a nice home with a chance to raise a family seemed to be coming true. The area was much like the Angelo's were, quiet and serene, and while some might have called it boring that was fin… Read more

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Sissy for Sister-In-Law


“Oh! excuse me,” Tiffany said in a startled tone, shocking me awake from my intoxicating stupor as I enveloped the aroma of the decadent delicate I’d discovered in my exploration of her dirty laundry. I had been caught red handed, standing in her room holding a precious pair of her purple panties to my face in one hand while my other depressed at the distending underwear, bulging from my open fly. I fumbled around foolishly, nearly falling over, as I watched her turn and storm off down the hall, clearly seeing what I had started to do before she abruptly stumbled upon me perving over her imp… Read more

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Alone with my sexy Boss

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My sexy boss Barbara had said we would meet at a local bar near office to discuss some brief topics. The place was low lit and warm, cluttered with the chats of other people and the clinking of glasses. When I entered the bar, I saw Barbara there, looking at the entrance door. I paused in the doorway to let my eyes wander over that old sexy bitch. My boss was wearing a white blouse, narrow skirt and shiny black stilettos. She looked hot. I walked over nice and slow. I swayed my hips and unbuttoned my coat as I moved through this crowded place… Once within a few feet from her, I opened my c… Read more

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A blindfold and a hard cock

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My beloved hubby had promised me he would bring a stranger to fuck me in front of him. As he had requested, I had dressed in high heels, silky hold up stockings and a very tiny thong with tie sides. I was naked except for a few drops of my favorite perfume. The doorbell rang and I heard Victor opening and talking to another man. Then my hubby came upstairs and he ordered me not to turn when someone else entered the room… Victor sat on a chair. I heard footsteps behind me but stood looking into Victor’s eyes. A silky dark scarf was tied over my eyes so that I could not see. Then I felt som… Read more

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Hubby brings me a dog as a gift


My loving husband left me home alone for making a business trip that would take at least three weeks away from town. Victor had never gone for a period so long. Some weeks before, he surprised me by bringing a sweet nice Great Dane as a gift for me. I named the big guy Leopold, after a former king from Belgium… One of my neighbors, Susan, was a dog trainer and then she trained my sweet Leopold. After a full week, she brought him back, saying now he was very well trained for my needs during Victor’s absence. I did not understand at first what Susan meant to say; but I would find out after so… Read more

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Serendipity Part IV

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In the last part of my story you may remember the words I shouted out a Tom "FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD, GIVE ME YOUR HARD COCK, FUCK MY ASS, I WANT TO BE YOUR BITCH", well Tom did just that. With wanton abandon Tom plowed his big fat cock in and out of my virgin asshole with me moaning and squirming like a five dollar whole. The feeling of his big dick see sawing in and out, in and out of my ass was tremendously thrilling. Then all of a sudden he pulled his cock out of my stretched asshole and I felt empty and wanting nothing more than his swollen member back inside of my ass. I turned and looked… Read more

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Back in time with horny old ladies


In the 50s and early 60s there used to be lots of women’s foundation specialists’ shops that sometimes also sold shoes. In almost most cases they catered for the older plumper/fat ladies. Today, these shops are very thin on the ground. This story is fictional and caters to my fetish for very hairy elderly/mature ladies who wear girdles and have a very high sex drive. Having sold my last business selling erotic lingerie for the larger mature lady on line, I was looking through the businesses for sale ads and to my utter surprise found this advertisement. For the connoisseur specialist of old-… Read more

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Lucky Bitch

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Lucky Bitch Londebaaz Chohan Kelly and Bernard were almost twins, not by age but by appearance. They were no more than a year apart from one another. Bernie could remember the days; couple of years back when both of the brother and sister were coming of age. She would moan and sigh so loud in her room; next to his room that he would wake up and more often than not, shall reach for the lube on the night stand and start masturbating for the whole long lonely night while listening to Kelly moan and rustling in her bed, while repeating her name silently. These fantasies filled nights ha… Read more

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Katy Perry and the PA


"Out of the way!"... the key grip screamed, as he pulled a cart of equipment past me.... I almost lost my footing as I jumped back, the soft Hawaiian sands nearly twisting my ankle. Yep, I was on the set of a music video in Hawaii... not the worst gig in the world. *** It was my second PA job in the "biz" thanks to my buddy Aaron, the still photographer on the shoot. And it was for Katy Pe… Read more

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I took the job without pay. Payment comes in many forms. Jerry's Adult Nook was known for its booths and fun therein. I was covering for the regular cleaner who needed time off. Starting at 11pm and working 4am was rough, but, I was gonna make the most of it. I hadn't even taken my hoodie off before I was needed. The larger booth, some called the group booth, was in need. I poked my head in and the smell of sex was lingering in the air. When my eyes adjusted I could see fluids on the bench seat opposite the television, which was still playing a German fisting video. Cum was pooling in the cush… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Lynn


Say hello to Lynn. This lovely brunette was my high school guidance counselor thirty years ago, someone that I always looked up to. I can't ever remember her without a smile on her face. She had a pleasant personality to match and I always considered her a role model. Lynn seemed like she was constantly trying to be the cool teacher, someone that could be your best friend. Even today she tried a little too hard to fit in with the younger generation. I'm sure Mrs. Denay was the secret fantasy of half the young men in Iowa over… Read more

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Jayne the Virgin Ch. 4

First TimeTabooMature

This a true story of how I deflowered Jayne the 85 year old virgin. This really long story will be broken up into shorter chapters. Link to Ch 3: This is chapter 4: In chapter 3 this story left of with me asking my wife for more details on how deflowering Jayne the Virgin was going to happen. She told me they are still planning it and are getting closer to how Jayne would like it to happen but more discussion is going to happen as these horny old women have hot lesbian sex with each other. Here is chapter 4 of this true story of the… Read more

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Timothy and I met many times before. A deep experience richer every time. His 8.5 inches always make me very slutty. Not only his cock is amazing. His whole body is beautiful. His African roots provide a body and skin color for which I can get down on my knees in a second. But that is on the outside. He is also a nice laid back man. Moreover sweet, witty and intelligent. A discussion about small and large national or international world problems always ends in interesting insights. The last time I visited him, he asked if I am interested in a threesome or even more. He has a few friends that… Read more

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The Line on the Stairs - Part 2


The Line on the Stairs - Part 2 I waited in my office late on Friday afternoon, as Sally was near the end of the line on the stairs. In due course she exited the Headmaster's office, to do the walk of shame down the stairs. Striped, bare bum on display, snivelling like all he other girls. Slowly she made her way along the empty corridors to my office where she knocked on the door. "Come in Sally" I said. And what a sight she presented when she came in. Bottomless of course, white socks and shoes. Her tie and jumper were all rump[led and clearly she had a good cry on he way to me. I offered… Read more

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The Line on the Stairs - Part 2


The Line on the Stairs - Part 2 I waited in my office late on Friday afternoon, as Sally was near the end of the line on the stairs. In due course she exited the Headmaster's office, to do the walk of shame down the stairs. Striped, bare bum on display, snivelling like all he other girls. Slowly she made her way along the empty corridors to my office where she knocked on the door. "Come in Sally" I said. And what a sight she presented when she came in. Bottomless of course, white socks and shoes. Her tie and jumper were all rump[led and clearly she had a good cry on he way to me. I offered… Read more

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Looking After Anna Part 4


Julie had led a pretty sheltered life and I had opened her eyes to something that she had found exciting and time was getting on, we put the clothes together and decided we needed to go to bed. “I can’t believe I have just sucked you off wearing my daughters knickers” she said grabbing my hand and putting it up her dress to feel her wet pussy, “That turned me on so much” she said with a smile, I looked up at her big blue eyes, “Welcome to my world Julie” I said winking at her. We walked up the stairs and looked in on Anna who had now moved to the side of the bed on her side, she looked so pe… Read more

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Nov. 8, 19 Cuckold night


Last night, Nov 8, Brett took us out for a prime rib dinner. On the way we stopped at a shop that sold adult material. Brett bought my wife Agness a small vibrator.  At Brett's later, they began experimenting with the settings. Agness laid back as Brett hiked her skirt up revealing her purple panties. Brett then began rubbing the vibrator lightly over her panty covered mound. Each time the vibrator slid across the clit area, Agness legs would shiver. I was mesmerized and my cock grew hard as I watched my friend tease my wife.  I asked permission to play with myself. I had to inter… Read more

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My 53 Year old fuck toy 2 continued


After 3 weeks I thought I wouldnt hear from the old slut again, but to my surprise just when I returned home from a pretty heavy night at my local bar my cellphone rang, and yes it was her. Hi I answered, what do you want, I thought you hated me; she cut me off before I could continue, "Well I have every reason to hate you, leaving me naked and vulnerable" Shutup I cut in, I dont need this shit from you, so before I hang up, what do you fucking want. There was a pause and she said "maybe we could catch up and things could be better". I was actually shocked, this bitch must really want it bad,… Read more

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The Doctor Said You Know Your Childern Are Not You


My name is Dave Wilson, I am the owner of a medical equipment and IT company. My company’s key to success is personal attention and service to our customers. My road to success has been long and at times painful. Growing up my Mom died when I was one, and my Dad married the wicked witch of the east, eight months later my stepbrother Mike was born. I’m pretty sure Dad knocked her up and did the honorable thing. My dear Stepmom hated my guts, she would take all my toys and give them to her son Mike. I worked my ass off for everything I got, and Mommy Dearest gave Mike everything he wanted. When… Read more

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The Gym Workout

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Melanie's breasts were swollen and her nipples very sensitive. Every movement in the tight hot pants and the skin tight gym shirt revealed every curve, aroused nipples and camel toe, as she worked out in the gym. She liked the attention she got from the men working out. As she completed her warm down stretching on the mat she pushed her butt back a pair of hands caressed her hips. "Reach as far forward with your arms shoulder width apart. " Melanie did as instructed. "Now push your butt up and back" The trainers hands ran along her back to her firm butt then between her legs along her wet sl… Read more

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