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A creamy encounter with the Asian culture

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A creamy encounter with Asian culture. A fictional story by Master Zigur. Based on a true story. She was a lovely Asian wife. Her looking was simply provocative. With that sensuality that only Asians have, a mixture of humble and sensuality that makes her as desirable as delicious for sexual perversions and all the senses enjoy. Not tall, average body, silk skin, a long dark hair, covering a beautiful face, with beautiful Asian eyes, voluptuous lips, and that look that only the naughties ones have. Her body was smooth, with her vagina completely shaved, revealing a pair of leshy wet… Read more

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We Are Two Mistresses

BDSMHumorLesbian Sex

“Oh, God, I’m late!” I almost tripped over my high heels as I ran towards my cherry red Lamborghini, my hobble skirt hitched over my thighs, blonde wig askew. I fumbled in my Dior purse for my car keys. “Phew!” I was so relieved; I couldn’t imagine how much trouble I’d be in if I got to work too late. Thankfully, the Lambo responded instantly to my high heel on the gas and I roared out into the morning traffic. There was only one set of traffic lights at which I was able to tidy up my makeup. Soon the traffic thinned out and I roared forward at 120mph. Within minutes – no, it was probably only… Read more

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Slaves Ch3

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Chapter 3: A Torture Session Six women surrounded the torture table to which the boy was strapped. His arms stretched out above his head. His legs spread with straps around the ankles and upper thighs. Straps below the abs and below the pecs, around the neck and around the forehead. A gag fixed into the table. Their lovely young toy. Tightly in place and ready to be played with. His cock had also been prepared, standing fully erect with a wire around the base and around the balls, attached through a loop at the foot of the table to keep the thing pointing up. Oiled with Elixir. The foreskin… Read more

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A Manipulation of the Terms of Service


“I wasn’t done with her,” was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the notice pop up on my newsfeed. My longtime best friend was suddenly married to a guy she’d been casually seeing for a few months. I thought I had time to win her over, to woo her, to break his fucking heart by stealing her away silently right under his nose. Now I scrolled through the photos of the ring and the rushed weekend romp of a quickie elopement and my heart sank. For myself mostly, but also for her. She didn’t look happy. She had a smile but it didn’t quite reach her eyes and in a few candid shots s… Read more

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Humiliation at the doctors


I was conferring with my sister, who like me is also a doctor, when our receptionist Stacey came in with some charts for us. She looked a bit upset, and when we asked why, she explained that one of the patients, a Mr Rogers, in the waiting room had been making one fat joke after another, rather loudly. Stacey was a large girl, maybe a size 20, but was very attractive. I had often looked down her top at her ample breasts and thought about the naughty fun I could have with her. Maybe one day. But she was not just our employee in our family firm, but a friend.We often went for drinks after work,… Read more

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Confessions to a Nun 2

TabooHumorHardcore Confessions to a Nun Johnmdh Well sister, I hang around the local convent until the senior girls (18+) turn out. They are all gagging for sexual experience; I approach the dirtiest looking one and entice her into a nearby drinking den of iniquity. Then we head into the garden and dive into the nearest bushes. She is desperate to keep her hymen intact, so I start to rub my cock head on her swollen clitoris and chew her erect nipples. She lays belly down on the ground and rubs her… Read more

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Greedy Cheating Wife Gets Frozen Out Part One


There isn't much sex in this, so if that's what you're looking for, it might be best to move on. It's an account of betrayal and ultimately of revenge.  All this really happened. The names were changed to shield the guilty.   Here in Canada, our divorce laws are a little different. They vary very little from province to province since they are all governed by The Divorce Act (1985). There are three grounds. The first is separation of a year - this is an uncontested action. Both parties establish separate residences for that period and joint assets are split 50/50. The second i… Read more

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In the Strip Club

Lesbian SexHardcoreVoyeur

One Night Tiffany and I were home alone and we were watching TV. Then Tiffany moves her hand over to my leg and started rubbing it up and down and then moves it closer to my crotch as my Cock started to swell. I asked, "Do you have something in mind?" She said , Yes." I asked if it was Bad? She answered, "Very" I asked, "what about?" She said she wanted to lick some pussy." I was totally enthralled and curious as to where she was going to find some. She mentioned about a strip club that has girl dancers and maybe she could try their. So off in the car we went. When we arrived at the club, we… Read more

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Siblings Reunited.

First TimeTaboo

When I was th*****n and my sister was t** our parents were on the verge of divorce. Then Dad was offered a position on the other side of the country for a huge increase in salary. They decided to move and take the job in a last ditch effort to save their marriage, hoping that with the increased income they would be happier and get along better. So we moved, and for a short while it seemed to work. But their problems were too deeply rooted to be wiped out by the extra money. Mom had found a well-paying job 500 miles away, and she thought it was her best option to accept the position and leave,… Read more

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Borrowed my wife for a boys weekend

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My wife Jordan and I were both into swingers parties, gangbangs, dogging and anything else sex related. During these parties, we meet a lot of different guys from different backgrounds and ages. One of these guys had his own business and a lot of money as he was successful. He had come to many of our gangbangs and we got to know him very well. Lets call him Brian. Now Brian was a huge fan of motor racing and would travel the world, work permitting, to see these races. After a recent gangbang he asked me if Jordan was into car racing. I said not so much. He then asked me if I trusted him enou… Read more

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Mind, Body, Soul, Freak.

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-sighs- I can't help that I'm a sexual person, I love to kiss, make out, wrestle a little bit and get a little touchy feely, ya know? I can tell when the mood isn't right, especially when I'm being forced to get in the mood and I'm not stimulated. You tell me that you're too much of a woman for me, truth is, I'm too sexual for you. I've been in some relationships (FWB) where it was just, you could call most like a porno but it was arousing and.........I am an exhibitionist, to an extent, but I love to get my cock sucked, it's a must for me, just like I'm gonna eat that pussy for you. I love… Read more

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Slutting at a xxx show

Group Sex

My wife and I love sex and everything to do with it. We pretty much go to most local swingers parties and have travelled interstate on numerous occasions to attend sex parties, gangbangs and doggings. Shes addicted! We have been in 'the scene' for a good 7 almost 8 years and its getting that Jordan, my wife, cant walk down the street without someone recognising her. Only recently, after one of our numerous gangbang sessions, the guys and I were sitting around chatting (while Jordan was still being fucked/fingered of course) when one of the guys asked us if we had been to an pub (which we can… Read more

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My fantasy


I had been waiting anxiously for the call all day. As the night grew later I began to wonder if she would make me wait yet another day. Finally, much to my relief the call came around 9pm. "Get here. Now. And put them on." She demanded. I always obeyed. I never questioned. Quickly I did as I was told and began the long drive to meet her. Containing my excitement was difficult but made easier by my nervousness. My thoughts began to race as I neared my destination. Would she be happy with me? Would I get the release I needed this time? Pulling into the empty parking lot I was relieved to know… Read more

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Princess Hiba pt2

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I now owned my personal servant she only stood 5’ 1” and had a 4” longShe penis. No breasts but I liked her that way. I named her Sobia it means (reward for good deeds) . My first day with her I rode her small cock, it only made me cum once. She was so cute that I still wanted her. She slept in my room, while I slept with Prince Bashir and Inaya every night. That night I asked the Prince if he had a way to make Sobia’s cock larger. He gave me a few things. The next morning was Saturday. And every Saturday morning when the town square filled, I would lean over the balcony railing and the Pr… Read more

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Post # 3 This time it happened yesterday...

Gay MaleVoyeurInterracial Sex

So after writing my second post yesterday I really had fun doing it and was pretty worked up thinking about old times and I had to continue to try and find a cock to suck after many months of doing nothing and just recently beginning to explore options. No glory holes though, I wanted something different and challenging that I had to find and work for. The hunt was just as much fun. I've spent the past month looking, driving for a half hour after work, with my zipper down, underwear pulled over and the head of my cock pointing straight up enjoying my fingers rubbing it the whole time, on highw… Read more

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Me And My First Family Encounter. Part Four.

TabooMatureFirst Time

Passion and lust. My first family encounter continues. If you have read part one, to part three, of my true story posts, you will discover the true fact that I have been having real sex with my mother for some years before this next exciting part of my TRUE STORY........ But things seem to have got far more hot between my hot horny sexy mother and me, much hotter in fact, since I was now at the age of 18. This evening I felt hot and horny, in fact I had been feeling hot and horny for the whole day, but I had not done anything to myself to make me feel better, I was saving my pent up sexua… Read more

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Entries and Exits

Gay MaleGroup SexAnal

April 18, 1996 I met Thom at a club in the city. One of those real fancy places with all kinds of silly martinis and such. What did I care about that? I was a gin and tonic man. Always had been. Always will be. Thom was wearing a beautiful grey suit but had on a maroon turtleneck sweater. His physique was great, but you couldn't see it through that silly thing. In any event, I wanted to get him out of it as soon as possible. It took a few more drinks than usual, but he loosened up. Something was on his mind but he wouldn't tell me what it was. Back at my place we sat on the couch and talked b… Read more

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170 Erin and the shipwreck

MatureFirst Time

He had spent the whole cruise chatting up a tall willowy blond, he had he thought just cracked the case and was escorting the said lady when they hit the mine, an ex ww2 thing that had floated about the vast ocean all this bloody time and chosen there little cruise ship at a moment when he, Erin Mount-bank was about to get his leg over, the fruition of a week of hard chatting! 25 minutes later he was clinging to a spar and apparently alone in a very wide-open sea, littered with a few wooden crates, and little else, in a current that had taken him well away from the rescue attempt area! To sa… Read more

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A story about a 60 year old hooking up again with his sexy 30 something ex-employee. Shortly after the naughty fun with my younger work colleague Suzy (see my story ‘Let The Sunshine In’) I retired and took on part time consultancy work. A few months later I bumped into her at the hardware store. I had just gone through the checkout and when I stepped outside she was waiting for me. ‘Hi Bill’. ‘Oh hi Suzy nice to see you’. We instinctively gave each other a friendly hug. ‘Hi Bill I saw you at the checkout and thought I’d wait and say hello … how’s retirement’? ‘It’s okay but I’m still d… Read more

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Mobile glory hole

AnalGroup SexHardcore

A regular Jordan fucker, Taylor, a carpenter friend of ours, modified one of his ex-work vans to be a mobile glory hole. So far the only slut that's used the slut truck has been Jordan. Then again Taylor does come around Jordan's work with the van and he and his his apprentice to fuck her during the week. Some weekends Taylor has to stay home with his wife so Jordan and I take out the slut truck. Taking Taylor's lead, I've gone to weekend work-sites or sites where there's night works and Jordan will either have a head job session or an all holes session depending on how hard shes been pounded… Read more

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